Understanding,Exploring And Executing Your Spiritual Gifts

Time to find and understand your spiritual gifts.God gives his gifts free of charge.Spiritual gifts have many significance on the person in question and the church at large. As a Christian,discovering your spiritual gifts doesn’t  happen for no reason.Very often we do not receive gifts from strangers. In most cases we receive gifts from people […]

Understanding The Mystery About Why Tomorrow Is Not Promised

Who knows tomorrow?.Who can tell us the future?. Find out about some of the reasons why you should embrace the fact that tomorrow is not promised.Your life is jut like a flower.Today it’s beautiful, tomorrow the wind blows it away. As we go on our daily activities, we must remind ourselves that tomorrow is not […]

There Is A Time For Everything Under The Sun

Mankind can’t ignore the facts surrounding why there is time for everything under the sun. Because it directly or indirectly affects Us.Never try to cheat nature.When its your time,you will be what you want to become. For us to properly understand why there is a time for everything under the sun;I would prefer using the […]

We Want Peace Not As The World Gives But Who?.Find Out Now.

There is only one true peace and that is peace not as the world gives.It is peace from the everlasting and loving father. The creator of this universe.He is about to judge the world and establish his peaceful kingdom for those who love him. Peace Not As The World Gives: Only Jesus can give the […]