Why God Punished This Evil Couple ‘Ahab and Jezebel’

Ahab and Jezebel together represented evil in Israel during the time of Prophet Elijah.Thier wickedness against God’s children ended them horribly. The Bible story of Ahab and Jezebel has good lessons for all those who despise the authority of God.This story is in the book of Kings. This two couple(Ahab and Jezebel) had a very […]

Mind-Blowing Facts On Why You Should Believe In The Bible

“And you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free”.The reasons why you should believe in the bible have been tested against all empirical evidence and it proves how authentic and valuable it is for mankind.God is calling us into his glory.Why Should Christians lose faith in God?.He is real,loving and caring. […]

The Devil’s Craftiness And The Fall Of Man

Christians who are part of the body of Christ are no more under the devices of the great serpent(Lucifer).The fall of man has brought catastrophic challenges in the life of people.Christ Jesus is the only solution. What do you understand by the fall of man?.Often at times when we hear of “the fall or man” […]

The Power Of Wisdom from above

We all need wisdom to live a happy life.Wisdom from above surpasses earthly wisdom.God calls earthly wisdom “foolishness”.Be wise in the Lord and success and happiness will be yours always. Wisdom From Above The Bible makes it clear that God used wisdom to create the universe.To state and make it simple,wisdom emanates from God;He is […]

Who Named The Earth?

Let’s explore to know the best answer to the question; “who named the earth”.Let wisdom speak out for everyone to hear.Our earth still has mysteries that mankind cannot fathom. Sometimes nature baffles us with so many mysteries. We love living a happy life on earth.But one of the biggest question people ask is, “who named […]