Beautiful Things In Nature

Have you considered some of the beautiful things in nature?. God made it beautiful to help you enjoy the best in life, even if you have no money. Nature offers free beautiful things for your pleasure.

Island is one of the beautiful things in nature

There are many beautiful things in nature that make us feel good.Simply looking at nature’s gift make us feel happy. The maker(God) knew it would be good for us.

Nature is the physical or material things we see around us.It is often generalised as a blend of geology and wildlife.Science asserts that,plants on our planet have exsisted for about 400 million years.How accurate could that be?.Anyway,God created plants and all other things before man.

Today,let us consider some of the beautiful things in nature and how it affect us.The beautiful things in nature have been depicted in arts,photography,poetry etc.

It has been known that landscape art began in China during the Tang Dynasty(618 – 907).In the bible, the book of Psalms and Job highly talked about the beautiful things in nature.

Getting Enthused By Some Beautiful Things In Nature

Nature has many species of animals, some are not yet discovered. There are always new things coming up into the knowledge of mankind.

Wild animals look fascinating and awesome when we see them in the zoo.They give us a lot of pleasure in life.Not all of us can go into the wild to haunt or tame wild animals.

It is adorable to have a field trip once a while to see some of these wild animals in the zoo.

The benefit includes:

– Reduction of stress
– Fun & a Happy moment
– Exploration of the beauty in the wild
– Acquisition of knowledge on the nature and life of these amazing creatures of God.

Right after the wild,we have move onto domestic animals(Pets) to keep us happy in life.

Pets are good companions for mankind. God in his own knowledge gave us pets to stay in our homes. Pets can cheer us up when we feel down.

Pets are part of the beautiful things in nature

I recently saw a brilliant quote equating the compassion and friendliness of God to dogs.The message makes it clear by turning the spellings “D O G” to “G O D“.because of the seeming likeness in nature; faithfulness, kindness,friendliness and loving.

It’s a brilliant idea but personally, I wasn’t much pleased with that.Because its ambiguous and sounds a little inappropriate.

Cats for instance are tender pets that make us appreciate the beautiful things in nature. They can perform awesome stunts for you to laugh and crack your ribs.However, experts say they spend 66% of their lives SLEEPING and I totally agree to that.

The Natural environment

Here is about the inanimate things we see around. Most of them are beautiful right?.Consider all the famous and beautiful landscapes you could ever think of.

beautiful things in nature

It offers the best of life activities and happiness.The rocks, oceans,streams, rivers, volcanoes, mountains, forest etc. offers the best of sight-seeing which is full of pleasure.

Travel nerds and hikers often enjoy the beautiful things in nature by visiting some of these landscapes on earth.

There are great and awesome natural environment that authenticates the beauty in nature. For instance the Great Barrier Reef in Australia which is the world’s largest reef system attracts a lot of people worldwide.The Amazon forest(South America) can’t be left alone when talking about the beautiful things in life.

Sunset depicting one of the beautifull things in nature

There are beautiful landscapes in Africa too.Not forgeting the Nile river, and the Sahara desert.

In Amazon, you would be awed by nature’s largest rainforest.You can find gaint water lilies that grow over 6 feet in diameter.There are many species of trees as well.

Additionally, you can explore the beauty of nature right from your house. Nature compliments life and make it beautiful.

When you wake up in the morning, look at how the sun rises from the East.Take photographs of it.Is it not beautiful?.Again, watch how the sun sets.Is it not beautiful?.

Once a while you can visit the beach to enjoy the breeze, have fun,meditate, or think about yourself.The beach is a good place to enjoy the panorama of the sea,horizon,sand and the beauty of the tides.Why not go to the beach now and explore its beauty?.

Look around, there are many beautiful flowers with sweet-scented smell.Ornamental plants are ideally the beautiful clothes for our environment.

The Bottom-line

In summary,these beautiful things in nature came from a master planner (God).We should give him thanks and praise. Nature offers more than it’s beautification. We get herbal medicine and oxygen from plants.Our pets can even be our best friends. That is the beauty of nature.

Why not take time off your busy schedule and explore some of the beautiful things nature offers us?.

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Why Not Keep Moving Forward?:Success Is Awaiting For You

Life will never be free of challenges. Despite all the hardships, if you know how to keep moving forward, you will surely taste success. Let this inspiration sink deep into your veins and you will always be a winner.

learning how to keep moving forward in life
Here are the best ways to know how o keep moving forward in life.There is sunlight at the end of the tunnel.Never give up.Keep digging,very soon you will reach the bedrock holding the gold you are seeking for.

You will never find it so easy to make it to the top.That is why you should prepare yourself for this life expedition. Exceptionally, some people are born with golden spoon in their mouths.

This post is actually not meant for them.Although they also face challenges.Money would always not be a problem for them.But most at times they face emotional problems like depression,fear etc.

Understanding The Basic Facts On How To Keep Moving Forward In Life

To begin it all,let me share this lovely quote from Sylvester Stallone with you:

“It ain’t about how hard you can hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done.”

Here is a post to help you know how to keep moving forward in life.Thinking of something positive is distinct from achieving something positive. The gap between these two determines the final result.

Sure,we all have lofty aims in life.To make it materialise is where the challenge comes in.Beautiful dreams will come true if you keep moving forward in life.

Most Important Things To Do To Keep Moving Forward In Life

Nobody will propose evil or something bad for himself/herself.No!, no sane person will ever do that.In this case you have to put constructive measures in place. These measures will be your “constitution of inspiration“.Refer to it anytime you feel like giving up.

The reason I call it ‘constitution of inspiration’ is that; It has to be binding and hard to amend. This will help you focus on what you wat to achieve. You can draw your ‘constitution of inspiration’ to help you keep moving forward like this:

1. Determination
You have to be proactive to success. FOCUS on your beautiful dreams.You will fall down on several occasions if you want to achieve something better in life.Let’s say you have determined to;

– finish school with good grades
– establish a business
– buy a car,house, get married etc.

These things would be possible if you are determined.

Those who are determined to achieve their dreams never let the noise and distractions of the world kill their dreams. The key word here is ‘FOCUS‘.A simple definition of focus is to “pay particular attention to something.”

2.Hard Work
To know how to keep moving forward, never let laziness be your friend. Get ready to sweat it out. Work tirelessly till you achieve your goals.You need to manually clear all the obstructions on your way to success.You can also read about my post on the 7 Steps To Success.

3.Positive Mindset
Train your mind in a way that you can see the possibilities out of the impossibilities. The MIMD is a great weapon you can use to overcome life challenges.Fill your mind with positive words and thoughts.

Nullify all emotional pains such as fear,failure, inferiority complex etc. and step forward for the gold.A mind free of negativities brings about happiness and success.

4.Never Give Up

If life knocks you down 10 times make sure you rise 11 times.This is the secret of being successful. Winners never quit.You must surely read my post on “Great reasons why you should not give up – Zero reasons to fail

There is an old poem I used to like much in my childhood days.It is entitled “Try again“.It goes like this.

“This is a lesson you should heed
Try again
If at first you don’t succeed
Then your courage should appear
Try again
If you persevere,you will
conquer never fear
Try again”

This is the first stanza of the poem.It is the best I can remember so far.Honestly,this poem says it all.Never fear.Keep moving forward.

The Bottom-line Of Learning How To Keep Moving Forward In Life

The above measures are applicable in life. It sends direct inspiration to people to learn how to keep moving forward. No matter how big your situation is,you can still live a happy life.

Did you find this article helpful?.If ‘Yes’, then don’t forget to share with friends, families and loved ones.Let everyone learn how to keep moving forward in life and together we can make the world a better place.

3 Famous Inspirational People You Should Know About

Have you ever thought of knowing some of the world most famous inspirational people?.Here are three of them.They define the word “Inspiration” with their life.Learning from such people will change your life once and for all.Success will knock at your door if you conquer your challenges and fears like they did.

The journey of life is full of challenges. Sometimes you need someone to say, ‘hey you can do it’, ‘never give up’.Inspirational words alone can make anyone who is feeling down smile.

There are many ways you can find an inspirational person to psych you up.Famous inspirational people have left good legacies for all those looking for success and happiness.

Today, I will share with you the life of 3 famous inspirational people and how they have influenced people positively.Some of these famous inspirational people are dead and gone, but their legacies are still alive.

There is no one without life challenge. That is why people who are full of inspiration are very important in life.

Learning From Famous Inspirational People To Achieve Success

1. Helen Keller

Famous inspirational people(Helen Keller)
1956: Portrait of American writer, educator and advocate for the disabled Helen Keller (1880 – 1968) holding a Braille volume and surrounded by shelves containing books and decorative figurines. A childhood illness left Keller blind, deaf and mute. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

The Inspirational Life Of Helen Keller

I always say Helen Keller is one of the best inspirational people I admire. Her life was full of inspiration.

Helen Keller was an American author, political activist, and lecturer. Born in June 27th 1880, died in 1st June 1968.

She lived as deaf and blind since her childhood. However, she didn’t let her disability enslave her.She was the first deaf and blind person to earn bachelor of art degree.

Hellen Keller wrote 22 books and other articles.One popular book is her autobiography entitled ” The Story of my life(1903)“.She also wrote, “The World I live In(1908)” which gives insight on how she felt about life.

She became a well-known celebrity and lecturer by sharing her experiences with audiences, and working on behalf of others living with disabilities .

Helen testified before Congress, strongly advocating to improve the welfare of blind people.

She also joined other organizations dedicated to helping those less fortunate, including the Permanent Blind War Relief Fund (later called the American Braille Press)

Helen traveled to 35 countries in five continents. In 1955, when she was 75 years, Keller embarked on the longest and most grueling trip of her life: e.i. a 40,000-mile, five-month trek across Asia. Through her many speeches and appearances, Helen brought inspiration and encouragement to millions of people in the world.

She is one of the inspirational people who proved that “disability is not inability“.She changed the perception of people’s views against physically challenged people and all kind of hard situations in life.

2.Nick Vujicic

Famous Inspirational People(Nick Vujicic)
Pastor Nick Vujicic feeling happy at home.Look at his perfect smile.

The Inspirational Life Of Nick Vujicic

Right from Helen Keller, we land on Nick Vujicic.Helen was the classic inspirational person in the 20th century.Now in the 21st century, it is all about Nick Vujicic.He has shared his inspirational messages with about 6 million people in 57 countries.

In most of my inspirational articles, I make reference to the amazing life of Nick Vujicic. Actually, I prefer calling him ‘Pastor Nick Vujicic’.

Don’t be surprised that the two famous inspirational people I have mentioned are handicapped. Yes,they hold genuine inspiration for everyone facing life challenges.

At least if their inspirational messages doesn’t touch your heart;their lifestyle will.

Back to the real issue about Pastor Nick Vujicic.He was born without limbs but he is one of the happiest people in life.Do you have any excuse for not being happy?. Do you find yourself in despondency that you will never be yourself again?.Cheer up now!.

Here is Nick,the man full of inspiration not that he has no worries nor challenges. He conquered it,including his fears.

Nick was born in 1982 with a rare disease making him limbless.Despite this, he has achieved so many in life. He is the New York Times best-selling author. For an in-dept information on Pastor Nick Vujicic use this link to read about his beautiful life which is full of inspiration.

3.Jacqueline Saburido

Famous inspirational people(Jacqueline Saburido)
Photo showing before and after accident of Jacqueline Saburido.She lost her hair, her ears, her nose, her left eyelid and much of her vision.

The Inspirational Life Of Jacqueline Saburido

Talking about famous inspirational people, I cannot leave Jacqueline Saburido behind.She was born in 20th December 1978 in Venezuela.

She has shared her inspiring story with people all around the world.Jacqueline is the one to prove to you that, there is still hope if you have ‘breath of life‘.Her tragic story goes like this:

In September 19, 1999, after dancing Salsa and partying, she had a lift from her classmate Natalia Chpytchak-Bennett. Unfortunately a drank driver, Reginald Stephey(18yrs) who was driving home… On a dark road on the outskirts of Austin, Texas, …a crush….two people( Guerrero and Chpytchak-Bennett) died instantly.

Jacqueline was trapped in the car.She sustained burns on her face.This beautiful young lady suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns to over 60% of her body, but survived despite her doctor’s expectations.She survived,thanks be to God!.

Now,she has allowed herself to become an activist against “drink driving”.Despite her deformity, she has found the courage to speak in public. She uses her photo before the accident and how she looks now to Conscientize people on the dangers of drink driving.

Above all,she has great faith in God.She believes God has a purpose for her.She is a courageous woman.She said;

“Am I not a human being that has the right to go out and have some fun after the 50 surgeries I have to endure? Was it not enough having to go out and dealing with everybody looking at me?”

“If it had not been for my strength, my determination and my faith in God that nurtures me every day, I would have been depressed, crying every day without wanting to get out of my house, or maybe I could have wanted to kill myself after the great humiliation I suffered.But that was not the case! Because I know how much I am worth and nothing or nobody is going to stop me from making my rights count and from continuing with the great mission that God has for me and for which he allowed me to stay in this planet.”

Somebody’s negligence deformed this beautiful girl.It could happen to any of us.What do you think?.In one of my oldest post about “weekend celebration“. I iterated on the dangers of over celebration.A piece of advise like this can save you from unforseen accident like what Reginald Stephey caused.

Summary On These 3 Famous Inspirational People.

I chose these 3 famous inspirational people,because they have experienced the worse of life challenges. Do you think you are alone with your predicament. Hell No!,there are people facing the worse situations but have found happiness and hope in life.

You need these people as your life role models to help you taste success and happiness in life.

Did you find this post helpful?.If “Yes”, then don’t forget to share. Let your friends, families, loved ones and the world know that, there is still hope.No matter how bad life knocks you down. You can still make it.I welcome your comments,contributions and feedback.

Who Named The Earth?

Let’s explore to know the best answer to the question; “who named the earth”.Let wisdom speak out for everyone to hear.Our earth still has mysteries that mankind cannot fathom.

The answer to the question;"who named the earth?, is God.
Who named the earth we live in today?.

Sometimes nature baffles us with so many mysteries. We love living a happy life on earth.But one of the biggest question people ask is, “who named the earth?.A planet hosting 7 billion people.

At least we know the ancient Greeks and Romans named the all other planet after their gods and goddesses.It is only our earth that no one holds credit for naming it.

This post will help you understand some of the efforts put in place to find a concrete answer to the question “who named the earth?“.

I will let us consider the view points from Christians,Linguists Scientists and Historians.

Christians View Answering Who “Named The Earth?”

I am starting from the bible,because it is a bood full of historical facts,scientific facts,many mysteries and prophesies.

Mankind hasn’t been fully able to explore everything making up our earth.God created this earth and everything in heaven,including all other planets.

The name “earth” first appeared in the book of Genesis.Moses wrote the first 5 books in the old testament including Genesis.

The interesting question here is, “when was the book of Genesis written?.Moses wrote the book during his life time on earth.

However, there are two separate dates that raises debate among scholars.Moses lived in an era called the Late Bronze age (about 1550 to 1200 B.C).The other dates indicating when Moses wrote Genesis is likely between 1440 and 1400 B.C. So scholars haven’t known the exact date yet.

In Genesis 1:1, it states;

” In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”

That sounds clear that God gave our planet a name and that name is earth. Looking at the verse 5 it indicates that there were no other names for ‘light’ and ‘darkness’. God named them.

“And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night.There was evening and there was morning, one day.”

The View Point From Etymology And Science In comparison To The Bible

The name “earth” derived from Anglo-Saxon(English and German) words ‘eor(th)e/ertha’ and ‘erde’ which means the ground. To ask a linguist or scientist who named the earth?.A frank answer will be ” No Idea”.Yes they don’t know.

Mankind has tried to explore and understand the existence of our world in many ways.There have been a lot of misconceptions about life on earth from centuries ago.People still believe that our earth is flat and that is out of the facts.

Let me then remind you that God brought so many languages to this world to fulfill his purpose. God has given mankind knowledge to learn different languages, explore the earth for HIS glory. But its unfortunate paganism has consumed mankind’s heart.

Like I said earlier, all the known planets were named after Roman and Greek gods and goddess except our “earth”.Should if God gives mankind the privilege to name our planet,he will name it after a god or goddess.

As technology came into the lime light in the earliest part of 1600’s, telescope was discovered.

An astronomy called William Herschel, has been credited for discovering Uranus in 1781 and also Neptune was discovered in 1846 by German astronomer Johann Gottfried Galle.It was named after the Roman’s god of the sea because of its blue colour.

One important thing I want all my readers to know is;There is nothing new under the sun.These planets existed already till mankind discovered them to honor themselves and their gods.

The Conclusion On Who Named The Earth?.

A straight answer from Christians is “God named the earth“.He created it along the heavens and all terrestrial bodies.He is the source of wisdom. He is the mastermind behind all things that are good and worthy.

Linguistics exist today because God brought languages to this earth.The evolution of the name of our planet from Anglo-Saxon words only complement what has been in existence already. It is nothing new.

The Shocking Facts That Explains Why Gluttony Is A Sin

Most often we love to enjoy life in many ways.The bible has vivid explanation on certain sins that have become oversight in the lives of many Christians.

Gluttony is a sin so avoid it
It is time you know why gluttony is a sin.God would not be pleased with Christians who idolise food.Learn how to say “NO” to anything in excess.

How is gluttony a sin?.What is so bad about gluttony making it a sin?

I believe there are millions of people questioning ‘why gluttony is a sin’.After reading this post,I believe you will be mindful of your eating habit, especially if you are a foodie.

Even,science/Doctors warn us on the dangers of over-eating.Its effects include poor metabolism,overweight and inappropriate use of money on food,hence misuse of money.

The bible says it all.
Gluttony is a sin…Firstly, let’s try to understand the meaning of gluttony from Merriam Webster dictionary:

– excess in eating or drinking
– greedy or excessive indulgence

Gluttony is from a Latin word “gluttire” which means to gulp down or swallow.Which is understood as over indulgence or over consumption of food,drink or wealth.It is classified as one of the “7 deadly sins” in the bible.

We all love food right?. But here the Bible teaches us that overeating/gluttony is a sin.It might sound very hard for believers and non-believers to accept. But that is the truth. Your reaction would be surprising just like someone hearing gossip as sin for the first time.

God hates gluttony because it drives people away from him.They only care about satisfying their stomach in excess. This is a form of idolizing food or your stomach(Philippians 3:19). Remember that the flesh and the Spirit are two opposing subjects.

The more you give too much attention to your flesh over your spiritual need, the more you become weak spiritually.

It is not good to overeat or overdrink because there are many more people around the world who need help.If you have excess food don’t consume beyond normal. Many people around the world are starving to death.

Lessons From The Bible That Clarifies Why Gluttony Is A Sin

Gluttony has been a sin since the ancient days. Today too gluttony is a sin.Sodom was guilty of gluttony and God ruined his anger on the inhabitants. The bible records:

”Look, this was the iniquity of your sister Sodom: pride, fullness of bread, and prosperous ease was in her and in her daughters; neither did she strengthen the hand of the poor and needy(Ezekial 16:49).

The bible further condemned gluttony like this;

“Listen, my son, and be wise, and keep your heart on the right path.
Do not be among ones drinking too much wine, or those who gorge themselves on meat:for the drunkard and the glutton shall become poor; and drowsiness clothes them in rags.”(Proverb 23:19-21).

Does That Means Feasting Is A sin?

Some instances in he bible actually encourages feasting for the glory of the Lord.But gluttony is a sin and will always be a sin.The same Christian bible makes us understand that

“Whether therefore you eat, or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God”(1Corinthians 10:31)

The best thing to do to avoid falling in this deadly sin is to consume moderate food and drink.Don’t overeat to satisfy your flesh.Instead get filled with the holy spirit through reading of the bible,fasting and prayers.

Pass on excess food to those who need it as well.Don’t be greedy and overeat.Develop the ability to say “NO” to anything in excess.This is a big blow to foodies.But the truth is always the truth.It hurts but accepting it helps a great deal.Control your taste for food and world pleasures as well.