3 Famous Inspirational People You Should Know About

Have you ever thought of knowing some of the world most famous inspirational people?.Here are three of them.They define the word “Inspiration” with their life.Learning from such people will change your life once and for all.Success will knock at your door if you conquer your challenges and fears like they did.

The journey of life is full of challenges. Sometimes you need someone to say, ‘hey you can do it’, ‘never give up’.Inspirational words alone can make anyone who is feeling down smile.

There are many ways you can find an inspirational person to psych you up.Famous inspirational people have left good legacies for all those looking for success and happiness.

Today, I will share with you the life of 3 famous inspirational people and how they have influenced people positively.Some of these famous inspirational people are dead and gone, but their legacies are still alive.

There is no one without life challenge. That is why people who are full of inspiration are very important in life.

Learning From Famous Inspirational People To Achieve Success

1. Helen Keller

Famous inspirational people(Helen Keller)
1956: Portrait of American writer, educator and advocate for the disabled Helen Keller (1880 – 1968) holding a Braille volume and surrounded by shelves containing books and decorative figurines. A childhood illness left Keller blind, deaf and mute. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

The Inspirational Life Of Helen Keller

I always say Helen Keller is one of the best inspirational people I admire. Her life was full of inspiration.

Helen Keller was an American author, political activist, and lecturer. Born in June 27th 1880, died in 1st June 1968.

She lived as deaf and blind since her childhood. However, she didn’t let her disability enslave her.She was the first deaf and blind person to earn bachelor of art degree.

Hellen Keller wrote 22 books and other articles.One popular book is her autobiography entitled ” The Story of my life(1903)“.She also wrote, “The World I live In(1908)” which gives insight on how she felt about life.

She became a well-known celebrity and lecturer by sharing her experiences with audiences, and working on behalf of others living with disabilities .

Helen testified before Congress, strongly advocating to improve the welfare of blind people.

She also joined other organizations dedicated to helping those less fortunate, including the Permanent Blind War Relief Fund (later called the American Braille Press)

Helen traveled to 35 countries in five continents. In 1955, when she was 75 years, Keller embarked on the longest and most grueling trip of her life: e.i. a 40,000-mile, five-month trek across Asia. Through her many speeches and appearances, Helen brought inspiration and encouragement to millions of people in the world.

She is one of the inspirational people who proved that “disability is not inability“.She changed the perception of people’s views against physically challenged people and all kind of hard situations in life.

2.Nick Vujicic

Famous Inspirational People(Nick Vujicic)
Pastor Nick Vujicic feeling happy at home.Look at his perfect smile.

The Inspirational Life Of Nick Vujicic

Right from Helen Keller, we land on Nick Vujicic.Helen was the classic inspirational person in the 20th century.Now in the 21st century, it is all about Nick Vujicic.He has shared his inspirational messages with about 6 million people in 57 countries.

In most of my inspirational articles, I make reference to the amazing life of Nick Vujicic. Actually, I prefer calling him ‘Pastor Nick Vujicic’.

Don’t be surprised that the two famous inspirational people I have mentioned are handicapped. Yes,they hold genuine inspiration for everyone facing life challenges.

At least if their inspirational messages doesn’t touch your heart;their lifestyle will.

Back to the real issue about Pastor Nick Vujicic.He was born without limbs but he is one of the happiest people in life.Do you have any excuse for not being happy?. Do you find yourself in despondency that you will never be yourself again?.Cheer up now!.

Here is Nick,the man full of inspiration not that he has no worries nor challenges. He conquered it,including his fears.

Nick was born in 1982 with a rare disease making him limbless.Despite this, he has achieved so many in life. He is the New York Times best-selling author. For an in-dept information on Pastor Nick Vujicic use this link to read about his beautiful life which is full of inspiration.

3.Jacqueline Saburido

Famous inspirational people(Jacqueline Saburido)
Photo showing before and after accident of Jacqueline Saburido.She lost her hair, her ears, her nose, her left eyelid and much of her vision.

The Inspirational Life Of Jacqueline Saburido

Talking about famous inspirational people, I cannot leave Jacqueline Saburido behind.She was born in 20th December 1978 in Venezuela.

She has shared her inspiring story with people all around the world.Jacqueline is the one to prove to you that, there is still hope if you have ‘breath of life‘.Her tragic story goes like this:

In September 19, 1999, after dancing Salsa and partying, she had a lift from her classmate Natalia Chpytchak-Bennett. Unfortunately a drank driver, Reginald Stephey(18yrs) who was driving home… On a dark road on the outskirts of Austin, Texas, …a crush….two people( Guerrero and Chpytchak-Bennett) died instantly.

Jacqueline was trapped in the car.She sustained burns on her face.This beautiful young lady suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns to over 60% of her body, but survived despite her doctor’s expectations.She survived,thanks be to God!.

Now,she has allowed herself to become an activist against “drink driving”.Despite her deformity, she has found the courage to speak in public. She uses her photo before the accident and how she looks now to Conscientize people on the dangers of drink driving.

Above all,she has great faith in God.She believes God has a purpose for her.She is a courageous woman.She said;

“Am I not a human being that has the right to go out and have some fun after the 50 surgeries I have to endure? Was it not enough having to go out and dealing with everybody looking at me?”

“If it had not been for my strength, my determination and my faith in God that nurtures me every day, I would have been depressed, crying every day without wanting to get out of my house, or maybe I could have wanted to kill myself after the great humiliation I suffered.But that was not the case! Because I know how much I am worth and nothing or nobody is going to stop me from making my rights count and from continuing with the great mission that God has for me and for which he allowed me to stay in this planet.”

Somebody’s negligence deformed this beautiful girl.It could happen to any of us.What do you think?.In one of my oldest post about “weekend celebration“. I iterated on the dangers of over celebration.A piece of advise like this can save you from unforseen accident like what Reginald Stephey caused.

Summary On These 3 Famous Inspirational People.

I chose these 3 famous inspirational people,because they have experienced the worse of life challenges. Do you think you are alone with your predicament. Hell No!,there are people facing the worse situations but have found happiness and hope in life.

You need these people as your life role models to help you taste success and happiness in life.

Did you find this post helpful?.If “Yes”, then don’t forget to share. Let your friends, families, loved ones and the world know that, there is still hope.No matter how bad life knocks you down. You can still make it.I welcome your comments,contributions and feedback.