My Philosophy For A Happy Life In 2018

In life, every living soul want to be happy.We just began a new year (2018).This is the first post from African Paradise World and I believe it is time to share my philosophy for a happy life.

My philosophy for a happy life
My philosophy for a happy life 2018

My philosophy for a happy life:

Surely everyone want to become happy. But it is not everyone who gets it.Just like money; We all want it but not all of us get it.

Before I share with you my philosophy for a happy life;I would like to iterate that happiness doesn’t cost a dime.I am hopeful you have big dreams you want to achieve.Stay cool as I’m about to spice your dreams. Yes!,my philosophy for a happy life will inspire you to pursue your dreams.

Sometimes we need inspiration from someone to keep moving toward. If you find yourself in despondency, look out for any inspirational person to psych you up.

If you can encourage yourself with positive words, then fine. Keep it up.Having a happy life depends on you.You choose or define yourself not what people say about you.

If you fail to make yourself happy, people will steal all the happy moment left in your life.

In one of my earliest posts,I talked about the “, happiest thing on earth“.What is the happiest or sweetest thing on earth?. The answer to this question fits perfectly to my philosophy for a happy life.

Always,the best things in life don’t cost a dime.But its unfortunate people forget about it and chase the wrong things in life.Don’t pierce yourself with grief whiles searching for happiness.

After knowing about my philosophy for a happy life;You will understand that happiness cost nothing. This is why the poor also gets happy in his life.It takes simple things to feel happy. Don’t let money or wealth deceive you.

Here Is A List Of My Philosophy For A Happy Life In 2018

1.Appreciate Life:Here is the most important thing about enjoying a happy life.Right now,you are a living soul in 2018.Many didn’t see this year.Why not be grateful and happy.No amount of money can buy your life.Value and protect it.

This is not something you should take lightly. To live is the greatest gift you could ever have.Life is beautiful.Be grateful for the air you breath,the food you eat,the clothe you wear and the house you find shelter in.These are the basic human needs to keep you smiling.

I believe by the grace of God you have these basic needs.Don’t worry if you don’t have. If you wake up each morning to the beautiful sunlight, be grateful.

2. Mind Your Own Business:
Here is another notable idea of my philosopher for a happy life.Don’t be inquisitive.Your life should be the reflection of how you live it.There would be a lot of noises around you. Enemies would trap you with crafty ideas. But you don’t have to pay heed to them.

I implore you to mind your own business.Focus on you dreams and work toward it.If you stop on the road side to throw stones at every dog that barks at you;you will never reach your destination.

You simply don’t have to complicate your life with other people’s matter. We all have problems so don’t try to play a hero.You are not Jesus and can’t save the world. If you get off track, you will lose many opportunities or ruin your future.

Some people can interrupt your dreams with their drama. There is no need to pay heed to them.There is an African proverb that goes like; “Trouble doesn’t like people,it is people who like trouble”.In this case, you must stay away from trouble.

If two people are quarrelling about the taste of food they eat last night; It doesn’t concern you.Mind your own business.That will help you to live a happy life.

3.Love:Love surpasses everything. Undoubtedly, the greatest part of human nature is love. To tell you about my philosophy for a happy life; Love can never be excluded. Show love to everyone, even your enemies. Let love lead in everything you do.Love can soften the hardest heart,loving yourself and people can make you look awesome.

4.Right after love,it is “Smile”.Smile is a beautiful sign of happiness.Smile too is one important thing in my philosophy for a happy life.
If you are broke or sick but smiles often, people will understand that you are happy. Those who smile to their pains show how strong they are.Charlie Chaplin once said;

“I have many problems in my life.But my lips don’t know that – they always smile

5. Don’t expect too much from people: In order to have a happy life always; Don’t rely on people and their promises.This will help you to stay safe from disappointment. A single disappointment can ruin your whole life. So avoid too much expectations from people.

Albert Einstein said;

“I’m thankful to all those who said “No” because of them I did it myself.”

Disappointment hurts,so don’t play around people expecting them to help you. They are human and can fail you. Their failure can have serious adverse effect on your life.Don’t expect too much.Know how to control your expectations. This is a good idea in my philosophy for a happy life.You may have to learn how to handle disappointment.

6.Silence is golden:Finally, in my philosophy for a happy life; Be silent and let success make the noise. There is no need to blow your own trumpet. Be meek and hardworking.Your hard work will give you a blissful life.

Stay blessed in the days ahead.

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