What Motivates You In Life?

The biggest question of the day is; “what motivates you in life”.There is nothing like “challenge-free” life.Difficult situations will arise.You cannot hide from them but how to face it is the real issue. Seven billion people living on earth today have various and different challenges in life to deal with.

what motivates you in life
Time to share with the world; What motivates you in life.

Hello out there,can you tell the world what motivates you in life?Life is full of challenges. No one, I mean no single person on earth has no challenges. In this case, there is no need to complain too much.

Surely,everyone might have a way of motivating himself/herself when things become hard.You in person, what motivates you in life?If you have nothing to motivate you, then it is time to find one.

Today,I will share with you some of the things that motivates me and many people.Yes!,some share the same motivational stuffs with me.Motivation or inspiration feeds the “can do spirits” in us.It revitalizes our energies to take positive actions.

Things that can motivate you in life lies within you..Living without inspiration makes you fragile.Your challenges or enemies can break you easily.

Things That Motivate Most People In Life Including Me

First and foremost,we cannot live without the help of God.This is for anyone who believes in the bible.Nothing inspires than the bible.If you read the bible,you will find true wisdom and an unending inspiration.

“If I take the wings of the dawn, and settle in the uttermost parts of the sea;Even there your hand will lead me, and your right hand will hold me”(Psalms 139:9-10).

The wisest man ever to live on earth( King Solomon) wrote books that are full of wisdom and inspiration. Likewise his father,David.

God himself has declared his love for us, call on him in times of trouble and he will listen.He will become your refuge. Those you believe in God get protection and motivation from the Holy Spirit.Indeed,we do not fight against flesh and blood but spiritual powers,rulers of darkness. (Ephesians 6:12).

The Holy Spirit strengthens us in our weaknesses. Some of the challenges we face are spiritual.To be a conquerer, you must rely on God’s word.All spiritual,physical challenges and conspiracies against you will be broken.What motivates you in life?. God’s word?.If “Yes”, then you are one step ahead of your breakthrough.

Secondly, what motivates someone like me in life is “breath of life”.Being alive is one of the greatest thing on earth.Thousands to millions of people die each day.So why not be grateful if you wake up each morning?. Why not feel motivated if the morning sun smiles at you always?.Life is expensive than gold and jewelries. Learn how to value it.

If you have life,everything is possible. You can become whom you want to be.You can work hard toward your dreams and see it come true. A surprise help or success can come your way.

What motivates you in life?. If you haven’t got one,what do you think about waking up this morning whiles others couldn’t?. Let this alone motivate you to step forward. Life is beautiful.

Another thing that motivates Some of us lies in certain people.Yes,the life of certain people can motivate us.We normally call these people “role models“.There are others who are inspirational inspirational people.Having a role model will always motivate you to move forward in life.Role models are already at the top.So you can learn their ways to be like them.

Just like the amazing ways of an inspirational person.This person can put you on your feet when life challenges cripples you.Even if the whole world turns on you,an inspirational person can light up the beauty in you.Inspirational words alone can have a lot of positive impact on anyone who feels down.

The Bottom-line

What motivates you in life?.Have you thought of finding any inspirational person?.If you can’t motivate yourself in life,an inspirational person can help you.There are many ways people use to motivate themselves.The main thing is about having a positive mind-set.Tell yourself:, “YES I CAN“.If you don’t know how to say encouraging words to yourself daily,learn it here.

The Two Greatest Misconceptions About Life You Should Never Miss

People’s thoughts are not always right. Perceptions sometimes shrouds the truth we are seeking for.There are too many misconceptions about life.Let me share with you a couple of them and the facts behind.

misconceptions about life
Do not let misconceptions about life lead you astray.Find the truth behind and share with everyone.Remember,knowledge is power.

Hersey and many misconceptions about life spread faster than the truth. This is because people love lies more than truth. Lies tickles their ears and make them fall for it.

Some misconceptions about life has existed several years ago. It has cropped up into our modern generation and people still believe.We must face reality rather than fantasies,lies and heresy.

Some Interesting Misconceptions About Life

1. Money is everything:Most often we hear people say “money is everything”.But is this really true?.Money is the driving force making people wander from places to places.It is the driving force making people work hard for it.Again,money is the driving force making people lose their integrity.

Everyone likes money for sure. We all like money, even the pastor likes money. We spend money on almost everything we do. That is factual. But to dissipate this very well;We will notice that money is not everything.

The misconceptions about life pertaining to money has made millions use every means necessary to get money.

Money is not everything in the sense that, it can not buy:

– Wisdom
– Life
– Happiness
– Love
– Knowledge
– Integrity

There are other things money cannot afford to buy.The rich man can use his money to prolong his life.He would be able to buy all the expensive medications but his money cannot buy “Life”.

Should if life is for sale ,millionaires and billionaires will buy to enjoy immortality. But thank God he has made life free of charge and by his grace he sustains us.

Death is there for anyone.The rich can’t bribe death and stay alive forever. Albert Einstein once said:

“I want to go when I want.It is tasteless to prolong life artificially.I have done my share.It is time to go.I will do it elegantly.”

He refused to go under surgery to prolong his life. This man was full of wisdom and the world will never forget his legacy.

Money has zero role to play when talking about life. It is free of charge. The poor and the rich enjoy it both.

It is oxygen that we take in to survive and God has given it to us free of charge. We don’t pay a dime.

In addition ,money is no where to be found when we are talking about wisdom,love,integrity etc.”Money is everything” is one of the biggest misconceptions about life.

2.The Earth Is Flat: This is also one of the biggest misconceptions about life.The bible said the earth hangs on nothing(Job 26:7).Many ancient cultures such as the Greece believed in flat earth cosmography.

Today, the Flat Earth society are promoting this misconception. The society is based in England. They have a Facebook page of over 150k.The flat earth society emerged in the middle of the 20th century. And now in 21st century they still hold their agenda.

They believe the bible said,the earth is flat so it is.Is that really from the Bible?.I don’t think they have read the bible well.Let’s read from Isaiah 40:22;

“It is he that sitteth upon the circle of the earth, and the inhabitants thereof are as grasshoppers; that stretcheth out the heavens as a curtain, and spreadeth them out as a tent to dwell in.”

They are free thinkers and you know we all have freedom of speech, choice etc. But the baddest thing is they are brainwashing our future generation.

All photos from NASA or aerospace show a spherical earth.What other proofs do people need to believe in the truth?.

Summary Of These Misconceptions About Life

Today,there are many misconceptions about life. This article only covered two out of the numerous. I am hopeful to continue in a different post.

There is no truth in the “Flat Earth” Agenda.If these people really claim their inspiration and facts come from the bible; Then they must relook into the bible and rethink about it.

Did you find this article helpful?. If “Yes” then don’t forget to share with friends, families and loved ones. Help spread the truth in love.Let people get rid of these misconceptions about life.I welcome your comments,contributions and feedback as well.

Why Do People Curse Through The Names OF Gods Or Evil Forces?

Life has so many mind-blowing occurrences that becomes hard to fathom with our finite minds. A curse is as real as supernatural powers are real.Why do people curse?.Let’s find out now.

why do people curse

Life is full of mysteries.Why do people curse?.Today, African Paradise World will share with you one mystery about “why people curse”.We normal hear people,curse. Does it work?,How do they curse?.Why do people curse?.

In the first place, let us define “curse”.It is “a solemn utterance intended to invoke a supernatural power to inflict harm or punishment on someone or something.”

From the above definition, we can understand that, it involves supernatural powers.Mankind has many ways of making use of supernatural powers.These powers emanate from somewhere.Curses are fulfilled in mysterious ways. It is something we should not take lightly.

In bible times, curses worked miraculously by putting people into destructions.

In our days too,curses work miraculously. A curse from a god is more powerful than a curse from an ordinary man.In Africa for instance,traditionalists believe the gods can curse an entire community if they do abominable things against them.

It is the same goods people evoke to render curses on people. Now,the biggest question is why do people curse.

Uncovering The Fact Behind Why People Curse.

There is a saying that “everything happens for a reason’. There are many forces surrounding us.We can’t see them with our naked eyes.Most of these forces delight in having relationships with mankind.

They are very fierce. Whether you believe in these gods or not; The fact is, they exist.They are real and can give instant justice in favour of the righteous contender.

Below are some reasons answering the question “Why do people curse?”.

Anger can do a lot of harm to the person in question and other people.Just like what scientists have said;An angry man is like a mad man.When anger sets in,the person might curse the one or people who made him angry.

Let’s,go a little further to dissipate this. Anger doesn’t come for no reason.Even “Hulk” gets angry for reasons.

1. Stealing
2. False witness
3. Provocations for whatever reason
4. Betrayal
5. Injustice

There are many other reasons why people get angry and curse. But this post will only cover the above lists.You will realize that,the above lists are all negative things or feelings.It brings bitterness into the person who curses.Let’s talk about it in a quick way.

Stealing:Covetousness may bring about curses. Nobody will Ever feel happy if his/her property is stolen from him/her.Imagine someone who has worked hard to establish a store or supermarket.And one day some one breaks in to steal as many as he can.How would the person feel?.Angry!.Which might follow with curses.

In the same way,someone can break into your house, steal your money or kill a resident. How would you feel?.Sad and angry which might follow with curses.

Giving false witness against someone is something very painful and heartbreaking. “You did nothing wrong”, but someone has testified that you are guilty.Your innocence might not set you free. You could end up in prison for an offense you have not committed.

Moreover,provocations can make someone barrage curses on the provoker.”I don’t like harassments”,”I hate being disgraced with my weakness,infirmity etc”.You say all these but someone or people will test your patience. If you are quick-tempered,you might curse.

As millions of people are searching for “why do people curse?”;They forget about why they disappoint, betray people and above all break their hearts.

Someone promised to marry you, but turned you down for no reason to marry someone else.Many people wouldn’t let the trespasser go free.

Lack of fairness might make people resent with curses.If someone feels like he has been treated unfairly, he might evoke the gods to demand justice.

How To Stop Cursing

A curse is usually taken up by supernatural forces. They constantly interact with human beings.For someone to curse with a mere mouth is not so serious than someone evoking the name of a god and cursing through that.

To the best of my knowledge, curses are reversible. It is all about appeasing the god holding that curse.Most of my points here are from African perspective veiew, remember that.

People should be enlightened on the dangers of cursing.They must learn how to stop cursing.Our future generation shouldn’t be exposed to know how to curse. Parents, teachers and the society have this responsibility.

A god holding a curse might demand for certain items(goats, fowl, schnapps,) before he stops himself from executing that curse.The animal is then slaughtered to appease him.There is life in the blood so they are interested in the spillage of blood.

And those of you who curse with your mere lips must watch out. There is power in the tongue. When we are finding out about possible answers to the question , ” why do people curse?“, there is nothing to joke about.

A curse might not manifest earlier but someday in the future. You cannot easily run away from a curse. Lest you learn how to stop it.You have to let the person who did the cursing reverse it.

Important Things To Notice As We Are Answering The Question, “Why Do People Curse”

I have known how Africans evoke gods and curse potential offenders. There are curses with mere lips and curses that goes with rituals. Ritualistic curses are very fierce.

Sometimes, you wouldn’t understand it.I mean you can think about it the whole day but would never understand why people can’t let go.Why people could be heartless to curse with lightning and thunderstorm.

Should if anyone curses you to the god’s for something you are innocent about;That curse will not materialize. The god’s also believe in justice. But some are notorious to the extend that;Whether you are guilty or not, they will execute the curse.

If you have the Spirit of God in you;Any unreasonable curse on you will never materialise.The reason I used the word, ” unreasonable” is because; If you leave life any how by sining against God,you open portals for any curses on you to happen.Let’s say you covet someone’s wife….if the person curses, you will likely face the consequences.

The angry man/woman doesn’t mind cursing a fellow to die.As I write this post.I hate curses.I also hate swearing. In this case I don’t encourage anyone to ever do that.

God said, vengeance belongs to him. He can deal appropriately with those who conspire against you.Learn how to control your temper. Pray and ask God to give you patience.

The Bottom line of why people curse

I have seen people die out of curses. I have seen and known people go mad out of curses. It is not a joke.Let’s stop the habit of cursing and leave our grievances to the righteous judge(God).Don’t fight back,let’s God do it.

A curse without a cause will not come true.Keep your hands clean from sin and the Spirit of God will always stay with you.He will bless you and make you prosperous.

This Year Will Be The Year of Good Memories.

In life,remembering the past tells us a lot about how far we have reached.If you feed on good memories, you will become the happiest person in life.

Good memories
An old photograph alone can give thousands of good memories that will make you wish: “You can turn back the hands of time.”

Good memories can put a smile on your face that nobody will understand.Life is amazing and beautiful with good memories.We all have past lives, and many events or occasions are unforgettable. When you experience good memories, you become happy and inspired in life.You forget about your pains at a moment.

It would be helpful for anyone to sit down and use his/her brain power to remember the past.Know about the journey so far. Memories worth repeating. Life is a journey that starts from the day we are born.We go through a lot of changes. These changes varies from, physical, emotional and psychological.

Many of you can’t remember anything from your infancy. Unless your parent tell you.We sometimes hardly reminiscence our childhood days.

Our brains can store huge information or memories. Experts say the brian can store 2.5 petabyte of information which is about one million gigabytes. So just imagine that.Theoretically, the human brain can store over four billion books.

Scientists have made us understand that the brain is bias in memories. It will remember bad occurrences easier than good memories. It sound’s true to me anyway.

Talking about memories, it should certainly start from our childhood. How many of us have memories of our childhood days?. When you started as a toddler, started Kindergarten, Primary….

Things That Brings About Good Memories

1.Photographs:Seeing old pictures of your childhood days will make you remember your past.It is not pictures of your childhood days only. It might be any event or occasion in your life.

Many people usually enjoy good memories of their past relationships when they see photographs of their loved ones. Photos speak louder than words.

Even if the relationship has broken down, you will still have good memories about it.This is true,because the time that photo was taken was the moment your relationship was looking blissful.

Old photos about any moment of your life, event,incident etc. can give you good memories. No wonder,some people use old photos to deal with emotional breakdown. Looking at certain old and lovely photos can give you good memories to forget about your current discomforts.

2.Music:Music works magically like photographs. Do you remember any music that gives you good memories in the past?.I would be happy if you can share that in the comment box.

Music in general is medicine, it heals like magic. But when it points to good memories in the past, it takes you to heaven and back to earth.

The message and the rhythm alone does magic by making you have good memories of the past. If you have a music of a kind you can play it anytime you feel down. It will give you good memories and inspiration as well.

3.Old Friends:We sometimes leave our immediate environment to stay far away. It may happen that our friends travel far away making us, making us lose contact.

Should if you meet that old friend, you will have good memories of yourselves. In fact, all the funny moments you have enjoyed before will come into memories. These friends might be old school mates,old coworkers, old neighbors etc.

4.Gifts: We all love gifts, but most gifts we share doesn’t last long.Because many of the gifts we share are consumable goods.But gifts that are not consumable might exist long to give good memories to the people in question.

In this case,to make someone remember you or and event; Don’t send him/her consumable gifts. Send gifts that can last for years.Even centuries. Simple gifts like birthday cards, books,necklace or any other cards will last long.

Recommended Vitamins Good For Memory

As God made the brain with enough space for storage; He also created food items enriched with certain vitamins to help boost memory.

Now, to make the whole talk on good memories complete, let us consider some vitamins good for memory.

We hardly eat them because we don’t know the essential nutrients it gives to our brains.

Some of the vitamins good for memory include Vitamin C,B and K.You can get them from Avocados.Other for items like egg yolk,leafy vegetables etc help maintain, and improve brain function.For an in-dept list or help see your Doctor.

To finalize everything, our brains can remember things at ago.Something has to surface to bring about good memories.

Little Drops Of Water Make A mighty Ocean

Inspirational Quote Of The Day

Little drops of water make a mighty ocean
Little drops of water make a mighty ocean

“Little Drops Of Water
Make A Mighty

NB:This very quote is very common to most of us.It has a great lesson to teach us about life.The focus point here is about “PATIENCE”.

There is no need to rush in life;Life is not a competition.The only person you have to conquer is yourself.

The little things you do today will yield bigger fruits for you someday.Just like the saying;A journey of thousand miles begin with a step.Start something small today and someday it will expand like the ocean.

Little by little you shall reach the promised land.The tortoise and the snail move slowly, but they reach their destination.There is no competition.

Dream big,have patience and work hard toward it.”Little drops of water make a mighty ocean”.