All You Need To Know About Why Last Days Are Dangerous

Getting the basic understanding on why last days are dangerous is something we cannot fully comprehend. Sometimes you can see the finish line, but things turn around for the worse.Is there anyone behind?.Is anyone sabotaging clear and beautiful endings into chaos and shadows?

last days are dangerous
Last days are dangerous:Understanding the mystery behind.

Last days are dangerous for all of us.It’s time to decipher the mystery giving us grief and tearing us apart.

Having a good look into life, you will realize that;Last days are dangerous.Considering how things can go wrong faster at a higher rate. There are evil forces moving here and there looking for bloodshed.

Whom To Blame?

Our adversary (the devil) is behind many calamities happening around us.He knows we are in the last days and his time is almost up.

There are many occasions or seasons that make us understand that last days are dangerous. Let’s take a season like Christmas.We all know Christmas occurs in the latter part of the year.

Have you noticed how accidents increases in last days of the year?.Have you noticed how bad news hits us on the face?.It has been happening every year.

This post is to remind you that last days are dangerous. And as the year gets closer,you must take very good care of yourself.Taking precaution in everything you do will do you a great help.

Indeed,last days are dangerous.It really hurts to lose someone you really like or love.It generally hurt to lose someone at the latter part of the year.

We all find Christmas season,a joyous season.But the devil has hated humanity since he was cast unto earth.Your death is what he want.Don’t give him a chance. Pray and take good care of yourself.

People become excited and anxious to begin the new year with gladness. But within a twinkle of an eye things could go wrong.

It is by God’s grace that we live, wake up each morning for our daily routines.Tomorrow is not promised, but we are hopeful to see it.It didn’t work that way for many people.

They were with us since the beginning of January,but since last days are dangerous, the most unfortunate thing,”death” has laid its icy hand on them.At least as you are aliveĀ ; know about what death teach us about life.Take good care of yourself always.

Last Days Are Dangerous And We Are Part Of The Blame

It is not always about the devil bringing destruction unto people.Sometimes we become the devil ourselves.

Some of the people who have experienced bad situations like death,accidents,diseases and sicknesses might be the causal agent of their own calamities.Over celebration like excessive drinking and negligence can result in death.

These are portals we open for the devil to capitalize on it to destroy us.Anytime you hear of “last days are dangerous”, it means the tendency of something evil to happen is high.

If you overjoy on sometime and leave your door ajar,all uninvited guests will enter.Certain weickd people can ruin your moment of joy.

You hold the key to lock and unlock situations in your life.However, there are instances that might be like;”It is beyond your control”.But,frankly speaking, there are remedies for every difficult situations.

If it’s about spiritual warfare against the fulfillment of your dreams.There is a God who can fight for you.The maker of heaven and earth can be your shield against all evil forces that fight against you.

Don’t give any evil the opportunity to end your planned marriage,graduation and any marathon you are about to finish in life.

Executing And Nullifying The Dangers Of Last Days Effectively

There is a saying that goes like, “If it must be done,it must be done well”.This very quote can send
positive vibes or inspiration to you.

Since you know last days are dangerous, you need not to lose guard when you are about to finish your race.Though you can see the finish-line,you need not to relax till you reach there successfully.

Keep pushing forward with full concentration. The more you get closer to your dreams, the more your challenges increase. Your enemies will fight to the last breath so if you relax in the last run, you will surely smear better.

Just like as we are in the last days of the year (a day to go).Don’t be complacent that you have made it to 2018.You are no better than those who have tasted calamities and deaths this very month.

Find solution to your lapses.If it’s prayer,pray,if it’s precaution, take,if it’s abstinence take.

The right tool can do the right job.Nothing is impossible if you use the right tools to execute your challenges appropriately.

Kindly, take good care of yourself as this year unfolds to an end.Last days are dangerous and you cannot dispute this fact. Don’t cause your own troubles and bring grief to yourself. And if they(enemies and demons) bring it on,know how to deal with them appropriately.

Wishing you a successful transition to 2018.Stay focused.May God be with you.

3 Most Popular Ways To Help You Know How To Handle Disappointment Effectively

Disappointment is one of the MOST painful thing One Could Experience In Life.Have you been disappointed before? How did You Feel?Do You Know How To Handle disappointments then?.Find Out How To Break Free From disappointment Now.

How to handle disappointment:Do you know that disappointment hurts more than anything?. If “Yes”, then today is the moment to learn about how to handle disappointment without any regret.

How to handle disappointment
Time to know the best ways on how to handle disappointment.Stay on top.

Knowing how to handle disappointment can save you from emotional breakdown. It will actually help you to save your very dear life.

People promise us and leave us disappointed. Simple “sorry” from them can’t heal the wound left in our hearts.This is why you should find better means of knowing how to handle disappointment.

Before anything else, you have to read and understand the reasons why you should never make a promise. Most of the disappointments come from failed promises.

The real problem you first have to handle is trust issues. Don’t trust anyone. In one of recent posts;I talked about some of the reasons why you should not trust anyone.thoes who trust so much get hurt so much when disappointment sets in.Why would you even trust anyone in this 21st century. Don’t do that.If so,then you must put serious measures in place.Human behaviour can change within a twinkle of an eye.

Practical Tips On How To Handle disappointment

1. Don’t expect too much from people.Here is a major issue you must deal with.If you are a kind of person who expects a lot from people,then be on guard.It doesn’t matter how proficient the person might be.Don’t pour all your expectations on him.

For the sake of your very dear life;Relax and think about “possibilities” and “impossibilities” as a normal thing.With this, when your expectation doesn’t materializes, then the “impossibilities” thought will save you.This is because,you were able to restrict your expectations.

Expecting too much from people is like a time bomb.When it fails,it explodes through your heart and brain.

2. Learn how to forget about the past.Here, it means you have been disappointed already. Well,it doesn’t mean all hope is gone.It doesn’t mean your life has come to an end.If today, you couldn’t find a way on how to handle disappointment; Next time you will.

Don’t let any kind of disappointment consume your happiness. So far as there is life, there is hope.Forget about the past.The past has nothing good for you.It is the future that can give you what you need.It all depends on you and how you right all the wrongs in your life.

3. Speak your mind or share your feelings. Anytime,you feel disappointed, don’t hide it in you.Hiding a lot of bitter experiences in you can harm you.In this case,you have to open up.Tell your friends or people around you how you feel.The more you share your emotional pains of disappointments ,the more the impacts lessens.

Friends can give you inspiration and share their experiences with you as well. This will be a collective idea for you guys to find a better means of healing each other.You might realise your disappointment is a mere one,compared to some of your friend’s.

This will bring immense relief to you.Grieving over disappointment would be unimportant. So keep your head up.Learn new ways on how to handle disappointment from your friends as well.

Are People Trying To Pull You Down?:Find The Best Way To Surround Yourself With Believers In Your Life

We always integrate with people in our daily activities.Some have good thoughts,some have bad thoughts.You have to surround yourself with believers who share good life plans with you.If,it’s about faith,it should be solid on the same ground

Surround yourself with believers
Surround yourself with believers:In living a purposeful life,you must surround yourself with believers

Surround yourself with believers:There are sayings that goes like;”unity is strength”, “together we stand,divided we fall”.Humanity is all about the relationship between you and people around you.How do you integrate with those people?

Today, African Paradise World will share with you how to surround yourself with believers.But what kind of believers is that?.

Well, let’s first talk about people you share the same faith and belief with. Most at times,religious people encourage each other to come together in faith.If you are with the people who share the same faith and religious ideologies with you;Every decision becomes easy and successful.

There is peace and tranquility among you. That is, if you surround yourself with believers of your faith.

The Other Possible Way To Sorround Yourself With Believers

On the other hand,to surround yourself with believers; You must stay with those who share the same life goals and interest with you.These people have positive mindset.I mean people who can give you inspiration in life.

Just like the saying, “birds of the same feather flock together. Those people in your inner circle must be on the same ground level with you.It shouldn’t surprise you why your friends character can define you.

The kind of friends you allow to come into your life will always have influence on you.You have to choose the kind of people to stay in your life.For a better life,choose people who are full of positivities.Choose people who believe they can turn impossibilities into possibilities.

To surround yourself with believers in life,avoid pessimists. No matter how important the person is in your life.It dosent matter if the person is a family member,friend,coworker etc.

So far as he is a wet blanket, avoid him when it comes to serious matters of life.Matters that can bring about future success. It is not easy to see your dreams come true. This is why you need positive minded people to push you forward.

Giving up in life challenges will be a very big mistake. Surround yourself with believers who know the worth of pains in making a successful journey to the top.

How To Use Your Money Wisely:4 millionaire’s Secret You Should Never Miss

Time to use your money wisely.This will help you to prevent excessive use of money.Everyone want money but it is not everyone who knows how to use it wisely.If you mishandle money,you are likely to get broke,bankrupt and suffer.Poverty will embrace you and make your life miserable.

how to use money wisely
How to use money wisely:You are responsible for your expenses.It is up to you to make the best economical decisions

Finding the best on how to use money wisely.You should definitely know how to use money wisely.Money is a non-renewable resource.If you do not know how to use your money wisely,you will go bankrupt. You will become poor for mishandling money.

The aim of this post is to help you know how to use your money wisely.Having a lot of money doesn’t mean you should use it unwisely.You don’t know what will happen tomorrow. You might lose all your money within a short period of time.

In one of my recent post,I talked about the best way to save money for the future. Now,it is “how to use your money wisely”.

Everyone living on earth today want money. No one has ever gotten satisfied with money. World billionaires are still working for money. There is nothing like retirement from earning money.

Their money keeps on increasing because they use it wisely. How?.They invest in profitable businesses to accrue many benefits. They donate some percentage for charity and get the blessings in abundance.

Learning from some rich men and noble men on how they use their money can help you also to know how to use your money wisely.

Simple Ways To Help You On How To Use Your Money Wisely

1.Decisive Budget:Here is a simple way to ensure effective use of your money. Budget the amount of money you want to use within a particular moment.

If you have $100 and you want to spend in a journey; Find out about the fares to your destination. All other things being equal, don’t exceed the budgeted amount. This will help you save money for other important things.

In the same way,if you want to attend a party; Be sure of the amount of money you want to spend. Restrict yourself on your expenses.Buying food,drinks for yourself and friends should fall within your budget. Failure to do that will make you lose money.Over expenditure is not how to use your money wisely.Avoid it.

2.Impulse Buying: For you to see your money beign profitable in your life, avoid impulse buying. When you are out there in town, market ,event or any place;Don’t buy what you haven’t planned for. Pay attention to your intention.Your intention must be “no way to impulse buying”.

Never mind how beautiful a certain package might look.These days advertisers have mastered the simple ways of captivating the attention of people.

You left home with some money in your pocket. You have no intention of spending a dime.But your fall for a beautiful item on the road side.Meanwhile you really don’t need that. This is not the way to exercise the power on how to use your money wisely.

3.Good Investment: To make use of your money wisely,you can invest in resourceful companies. You can also buy shares from reputable banks in your locality. Money is like a seed,if you sow it in a good soil,it will yield plenty for you.

4.Savings:Instead of keeping your money in the house, you can save it with the bank.At the end of every month, you will earn some interest. At least that would be better than keeping it with you in the house.

If you try the above ways on how to use money wisely;Your money will always be a “good mother” for you.She will reproduce and keep you in safe hands.Treat money well and money will treat you well too.

5 Bible Verses About Loving Your Enemies You Should Never Miss As A Christian

It Is A Plausible Idea For Every Christian Believer To Look Out For Bible Verses About Loving Your Enemies. We All Have Enemies And So What Is The Best Way To Treat Them?.

Bible verses about loving your enemies
Bible verses about loving your enemies:Here are selected bible verses about loving your enemies for you

Bible verses about loving your enemies There are quite a number of bible verses about loving your enemies. Christian should learn about them and make it applicable in life.Our enemies have nothing good for us,but the bible says;We should love them. God has special reward for you,for loving your enemies.In fact, the bible verses about loving your enemies teaches us to learn from Christ Jesus. These verses contain some of the hardest truth about living as a Christian.It makes us understand that, Christianity is not for sissies.

Loving your enemies is practically hard.But this is what God request of you.He has reward for you; If you pay heed to his instructions by loving your enemies;You will be blessed beyond measure.

Love is the greatest thing you can ever find in humanity. Your love as a Christian must be genuine. Your love must wipe away all hatred, resentments,envy,unforgiveness and all sort of bitterness.

Selected Bible Verses About Loving Your Enemies

These bible verses about loving your enemies mostly appear in the new testament. It is in the new testament that God revealed himself in flesh in the person of Christ Jesus.He revealed to us;How necessary it is to love one another, irrespective of how the person hates or dislikes you.Loving your enemies is one of the difficult bible principles for Christians.

The following bible verses about loving your enemies will help you to have cordial relationship with people even if they are your enemies.

1.”But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you”( Matthew 5:44).

2.”But I say unto you which hear, Love your enemies, do good to them which hate you”( Luk 6:27 ).

3.”But love ye your enemies, and do good, and lend, hoping for nothing again; and your reward shall be great, and ye shall be the children of the Highest: for he is kind unto the unthankful and [to] the evil”( Luk 6:35 ).

4. “As concerning the gospel, [they are] enemies for your sakes: but as touching the election, [they are] beloved for the fathers’ sakes”( Rom 11:28).

5. “Recompense to no man evil for evil. Provide things honest in the sight of all men”( Rom 12:17 )

In all of these bible verses about loving your enemies;The main focus is on “LOVE”,You wouldn’t hate or hurt anyone if you have love.Love surpasses everything. So keep on showing love and kindness to everyone, including your enemies.