How To Deal With Your Enemies.Find Out The Best Way To Keep Things Clean

Have you ever thought of knowing the best ways on how to deal with your enemies?. There are 2 simple ways you must know about. Your enemies are not God.They can’t harm you if you deal with them in the right way.

how to deal with your enemies
how to deal with your enemies

Know how to deal with your enemies appropriately.In life, we all seem to have enemies.Enemies who discloses themselves and enemies who don’t show themselves.The funniest part is; No matter how good or righteousness you are,you will have enemies.They will hate you for many reasons. You can’t say as for you,you have no enemies. You might be making a big mistake if you think that way.

They will hate you,but smile with you always.All what your enemies want from you is your downfall. Their pleasure is to see you suffer and fall into the lowest pit.Your progress or success is a treat to them.For this reason,you must know the best way to deal with your enemies.

One Best Way To Know how to deal with your enemies is to allow them do their things

It might sound hard for some people to allow their enemies do their things. May be you don’t agree to this one.But surely, it works.As far as you can’t figure out all your enemies, let them grow together along your loved ones

.Let them do their things. But keep an eye on them so that they don’t cross the border line.They have their limits.Confronting them when they cross the borderline wouldn’t be a problem.Let everyone know your boundary line.

For this reason both your enemies and loved ones wouldn’t cross.You will always stay safe from harm.When all their schemes fail,they will feel very bad.Their jealousy will increase, but they can’t cross over to harm you.

How can you even set your borderline?.It is very simple.Let everyone know what you like and dislikes. This will be your most serious boundary. Who dare crosses becomes  a treat to you.Believe me,most of your enemies will cross.Because it is only when they cross the borderline that they can have access to you.

If they are within their own borderline,don’t mind them.Let them do their thing.Let them  do whatever they like.You just have to turn deaf ears on their conspiracies and noises.Keep an eye on your borderline.The one who crosses disposes himself/herself as a real enemy.Keep them away from you.

The second Best Way To Deal With Enemies Is To Mind Your Own Business

As you define a borderline for your enemies,you must mind your own business too.There is no good reason to cross over your enemies zone. Do your own thing. Keep on with whatever makes you happy. Your job and your own life  should be your first priority.If you live your life without minding what people say; You will surely come out with greater output.

Invest in your self,make good use of your time.But not interfering with your enemies in the form of litigation,quarreling etc.Concentrate on your success and your enemy will burst out of jealousy.

How long can your enemies hate you, as you keep on becoming successful. His/her grieve will increase whiles your happiness increases. Your decisions,smile,laughter, walks,talk, and everything will be thorns for your enemies. Leave them uncomfortable whiles you mind your business in a grand style.

If your enemy is wasting his/her time planning on you and  thinking about you;use your time to plan for a better future.

This is the best way to deal with enemies.Just give it a try and you will always be on top of your enemies. No need to fight or hate them back.It is like a mind game. Be wise enough to let your life and success be your focus. As you mind your own business, you will become happy. Despite all the conspiracies of your enemies, you will succeed.

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