​Your  Days Are Numbered – Job 14:5

Your days are numbered and you can’t exceed it, so be vigilant enough to live a godly life with strong faith to find favour in the sight of God.

Your days are numbered
Your days are numbered

There is something inevitable waiting for us all.In one of my recent posts I talked about how death teaches us lessons and reasons why we should not be afraid of death.But today, I would like to share with you the amazing fact God has revealed in his word. He has made Christians and everyone know that his days on earth are numbered. Yes,your days on earth are numbered. God knows the day you will die.Can you imaging seeing yourself  laid down in your grave?. One day you will end up in the grave but you have no idea when that moment will come.My dear reader, fear the everlasting God,the Alpha and the Omega.He knows the day you will die.Let’s read from the book of Job 14:5;-

” Since man’s days are determined, the number of his months is under your control; you have set his limit and he cannot pass it.”

“And he cannot not pass it”,look how touching it sounds.Before I go further with this very verse let us  first  consider this fact;God has said, he knew you before you were born.This is another amazing and mysterious fact about God.The Lord said to Jeremiah:

“Before I formed you in your mother’s womb I chose you. Before you were born I set you apart. I appointed you to be a prophet to the nations.”(Jeremiah 1:5).

Before you came to this earth,he knew you,and has even numbered your hair.There is nothing about you that God doesn’t know about.You only know about your date of birth but not your date of death. Amazingly God knows all,your days are numbered so value each day and remember to worship the creator of heaven and earth for he is great and worthy to be praised.
As you go about your daily routines, remember that your days are numbered so use it wisely because one day you will account for everything you are doing on earth.The average lifespan of man is 70 – 75, but today many people hardly reach that age,greater percentage of kids and youths are dying.God knows it,Christians mustn’t be afraid of death, because in the last day we shall rise and stay with our Lord Jesus Christ. Death is simply a transition from our physical world to the spiritual world. Although your days are numbered,but if you live as a true Christian, you will live again even if you die .Jesus said some people wouldn’t taste death before he comes. Let us be watchful all days for the coming of our Lord Christ Jesus is at hand.

"A Butterfly Thinks Himself A Bird"

Why would you fight for what you can’t accomodate?.Know yourself if you are ready or not ready for a  particular task and life will always  smile to you.

A butterfly thinks himself a bird
A butterfly thinks himself a bird

How exasperating it is to see people want to do things they are not ready for, or undertake tasks far greater than themselves???.Let us listen to some wise sayings, when wisdom talks all ideas and other assertions become redundant.”A butterfly thinks himself a bird”.This is a proverb and it is self explanatory.Baby birds don’t fly without learning how to fly.The “butterfly” here signifies anyone who tries to do things he or she can’t do.The above statement sounds like a poem, No!, I’m not writing a poem.This post is to advice  and right all those going off-cliff of the life journey.

We always meet people in our daily activities, people make us smile and feel happy,others try to scare the hell out of us,others annoy us with nagging issues and finally others take the biggest   bite  that they can’t chew right in front of us.In this life journey we are all undertaking, we have to pass through a gradual life transitions without any haste.For in doing so,you will make peace with your self and everyone around you.When  you are a  child;do what children do not what your parent nor adults do.

Many have inflicted themselves with pains for trying to “fly without wings”. Patience moves mountains,when it is time for you to fly higher like a bird( eagle), you will.How can a butterfly compete with the eagle?. Sounds funny?,Yes!.Some people are trying to do that and they need advise.

In other not to breach the life transitions or journey that we are all undertaking, consider the following reasons below:

 1. Know your limit,don’t dare go beyond it if you are not ready for the consequences and repercussions. As a kid you have to play with kids,do what kids do.Wait till you grow into an adult before you do what adults do.Your bones are not strong enough to fight the battle your father fights in life.As immature, do what unskilled people do,when the job position is beyond your managerial skills don’t take it forcibly. Hold on for the right time,life is not a competition.

 2. Respect your elders,predecessors, Bosses, Parents and anyone who holds notable position over you and learn from them.Don’t use any greedy means to succeed them.When it is your turn to wear the crown, it would be given to you peaceful. You are a butterfly and so never think you can fly like a bird.

 3. Know the kind of people in your inner circle and live life with them. The class of people you relate to are your contemporaries that include friends, colleagues/classmates, coworkers etc.Fly with them,because you share a lot of things or interests together. Birds of the same feathers flock together.What will happen to you if you leave your fellow butterflies to fly with a bird(eagle)?….

If you live life without haste, you live long in peace so know your limit, don’t fight over what you can’t posses,leave that to “whom it is meant for”.Greediness and arrogance is the gateway to destruction, so embrace what you have and keep on doing what you can do till your strength increases to handle huge things in life.Life is always beautiful when you make the right choices. 

Here Is How Christians Can Bear Good Fruits From Their Faith (2 Peter 1:5-8)

Show me your faith by the kind of character you show to people.The bible is full of moral principles for all Christians to follow.

Christians must show their faith in God by their character
Christians must show their faith to the world by their fruits

Christians all around the world must know that faith should yield good fruits, faith in Christ Jesus should result in good character and good personal  relationships with people we meet each day.You have faith doesn’t mean you should forget about morality.The bible is the life book of every Christian believer, it teaches us how to live life without blemish.

As you increase in faith,let everything you do glorify God for people to see that, Yes!, indeed you worship God.Don’t tell me you have faith in God and be selfish, unforgiving, hateful etc.If you do that then you become like the Pharisees, they were hypocrites. Christians should let their faith move along with their works just like what our father Abraham did.

“But would you like evidence, you empty fellow, that faith without works is useless?Was not Abraham our father justified by works when he offered Isaac his son on the altar?You see that his faith was working together with his works and his faith was perfected by works.”(James 2:20-22)

Faith is invisible, it is only God who sees the heart. So to be a good Christian, live an exemplary life for people to see that you are a child of God indeed. Let your faith move along with your behaviour always;for your works or character speaks louder to people than your faith which is invisible to mankind.

Let us also read what 2 Peter 1:5-8 says to all Christians:

” For this very reason, make every effort to add to your faith excellence, to excellence, knowledge;to knowledge, self-control; to self-control, perseverance; to perseverance, godliness;to godliness, brotherly affection; to brotherly affection, unselfish love.For if these things are really yours and are continually increasing, they will keep you from becoming ineffective and unproductive in your pursuit of knowing our Lord Jesus Christ more intimately.”

When you put all these morals together in your life as a Christian, you send a good image of your self to the world. Even people who don’t know God would like to learn from your excellence, knowledge, self-control,perseverance, love etc. and through that they will come to know God.This is a great way to win souls for Christ Jesus.Stay away from worldly lifestyles and let the bible be your code of conduct. People will ask you why are you so kind?,why are you unselfish?,why do you always show love?,then you tell them it’s because of the word of God.

Your faith together with good morals will make you a true Christian, show people your faith in God through your character or works and they would yearn to learn about this Jesus Christ who has transformed you into a noble person.You will become productive in everything you do and everywhere you find yourself.Again, the Lord himself will protect you  from any harm and bless you abundantly.This is the word of  God for today,stay blessed.

Do You Feel Lazy?…Here Are A Few Good Jobs For You To Overcome laziness

Have you ever thought about turning the moments you feel lazy into something profitable?. Learn how you can employ yourself in your lazy hours.

Turn your laziness into something profitable
Time to turn your laziness into something profitable

In one of my recent posts, I talked about how to deal with laziness; but today I would like to help you figure out some ideal beneficial  activities you can do in life whenever laziness sets in.We all know that the devil finds work for the ideal hand and the moment you feel lazy, many things go wrong,temptations also become high.You end up squandering “time”, which is precious. Actually, economists have made us understand that time is money, and personally I agree to that.Don’t be a fun of wasting time whiles you can use it to do something productive.

First and foremost,what is a job?.A job is any activity you do that you get paid for.Ok,let us define work too;work is any activity that involves mental or physical energy done to achieve a result.As I present this article to you,I will use job and work concurrently. The main objective here is to point out how you can use your lazy hours profitably. Remember that payment can be in any form of benefit.So here,what kind of jobs am I talking about?.Just look around you, or think about someone somewhere who might need your help that very moment you feel lazy.This person might need you to help him assemble or fix something that has gone wrong in the house or at the work place.Maybe this coming Christmas, your friend or family would be doing some clean up exercise, go help them whitewash the house and keep the rooms and environment tidy.It is simply beautiful to find yourself such kind of job to make that lazy moment you feel bored profitable.What about calling your boss; ” Hello Boss,I’m feeling lazy, any job available to ginger me?”.Believe me,your Boss can find  a hot and quick job for you and maybe you would be paid for it  as an overtime.That is an extra profit.Don’t let it slip through your fingers. Grab it like no others business. This will also keep you active all the time at your workplace.

Work number two for people who feel lazy is about,stepping out of your “laziness zone”.It could be your house, work place,school, etc.,the moment you feel lazy,stand on your feet, do some stretches or any form of mild exercise to keep your body and immune system healthy. Excercise too is a good job with many health benefits. Instead of sitting there ideal,shake your body,do some jogging,do press-ups,sweat all the laziness out and take a cold shower and see yourself in good shape to handle any task with ease. Doctors always recommend regular excercise for us so when you are able to transform the “lazy hours” into work-out hours,you stay strong and healthy. Oh just one more thing,walking too is a good job of excercise for you.Walking   for about 1 km within 30 to 45 minutes will do you a lot of good.All the health benefits is yours.

Do you feel too lazy that helping your friend to do clean-up exercise, or do some physical exercise sounds boring to you?.Well, then the best job for you would be,stepping outside to  relax your body in the fresh  air.I am talking about the natural air,not the air-condition nor the fan.Sit under any shady tree and enjoy natures best body and mind refreshment and rejuvenation.When you set off to your “lazy zone” again,you will feel renewed and find it easy to continue with whatever you were doing before the laziness set in.

Another good job for anyone who feels lazy is to use that lazy time period to do any kind of productive activities or hobbies like going for fishing. Oh yes!,get yourself some hook and line or fish rod.Don’t forget to go along with some baits,get closer to any authorised fishing lake or river or possibly the sea.After getting some fish,you can use to prepare meal for yourself or sell it in the market to get money.This very kind of job needs expertise before you can bait the fish,if you have no experience it would be hard for you, so find someone who will  teach you.At least if you come home without a catch, I bet you,you will enjoy that very moment,you will be enthralled by the whole process of feeling the presence  of fish around your baits.

Lastly,if all the above jobs can’t solve your laziness problem,then it means you need some sleep.Sleep is a medicine so heal yourself with some ample sleep. Wake up in about 6 hours time to feel fully revitalized. 

I hope this piece of compiled information about free jobs for you to do during your lazy moments has helped you with new ideas to keep making use of your time profitably. As it is said; “ time is money“, so leave no stone unturned and you will be successful. Value time, value yourself,learn new things everyday and you will always  be happy in life.Success will always be yours.Share this article with fiends and family if you find it helpful. I welcome your comments,contributions and feedbacks.

The Cost $$$ Of Knowledge Vs Fashion

Do you like to spend on knowledge at all?.Find out why you should invest in knowledge more than fashionable clothes.

Knowledge is power
Knowledge is power

Are you the type that spend $0 on knowledge and $500 on fashionable clothes?, hope you are not.We all know knowledge is power, knowledge is the key to success so if you live life without finding time to spend a dime on knowledge, then you are a lost folk in reality.You have actually made yourself a dummy and everyone will mock your unintelligence.

You can buy books,magazines,graphics at very low prices to increase your knowledge in many fields of life. Spending on  knowledge is not all about money, but your time to read and learn new things always. Honestly,the type of knowledge you want to acquire depends on your choice,if it is for professional reason you will certainly pay higher.This very post is mainly about book knowledge. When you search for knowledge you will get it.Each day offers us new opportunities to learn something new by impacting knowledge into our lives.It is good to get lost and find yourself again in the quest for knowledge. When you find yourself again you automatically increase your dexterity in life.It takes knowledge to make wise decisions, in the house, in your family,in school,at work and many places.

It would be a pity if you easily spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on clothes, shoes, jewelries and other fashionable things and spend $0 on knowledge.God has said in the bible that, “lack  of knowledge my people perish”.There is a saying that goes like, “If you think education is expensive try ignorance”.Everyone must be willing to invest in knowledge because it is knowledge that will help you to manage your business very well for maximum production, it is knowledge that will keep you safe from unnecessary problems.

Knowledge is good,that is why parents send their children to schools,pay for their school fees for their teachers to impact knowledge in them. The  result of investing in knowledge more than fashionable things is much greater for a better or prosperous life. Value knowledge more than expensive clothes and jewelries. Although we can’t see knowledge but it is important and beautiful than any expensive clothe you could ever think of.There is this very quote I like so much, “common sense is not common to common people”.When you acquire knowledge, your value in life becomes more expensive than fashionable clothes you wear. What is appalling than walking around with $500 clothes $200 watch $700 necklace,$20 hat and $0 knowledge?.That sounds very ridiculous and funny. Oh Yes, you look cute in your fashionable clothes but you are like an empty barrel or cymbal brass. There is nothing better in your head.

The lifestyle of spending extravagantly on fashion forgetting about knowledge is a deviation in life,everyone must avoid it.Spend more money or time on knowledge than fashionable clothes.To acquire knowledge is not free of charge that is why college fees are always rising. It is better to invest in it than to spend all your $$$ on fashion. Here is  knowledge and fashionable clothes/luxuries,which one will you spend on ?.Knowledge is power.A word to a wise is enough.