Time To Show Love And Compassion For The Sick

Many people today are on hospital beds looking for good-hearted people to show them love and compassion or simply give them some inspiration in life.I and you have a role to play to put smiles on the faces on such kind of patients.

Showing love to the sick or patient
Show some love to the sick

As we journey in this life,bad days like falling sick would come in our lives.Sickness is a normal thing that all of us face,but to recover from certain sickness is impossible as Doctors declare it as chronic.

The focus of this piece of article is to give inspiration to all patients around the world,especially those suffering from chronic diseases.We must show love and care to them always.When you are having fun in life,spend extravagantly or feel good in life,don’t forget to show some love to the sick.

Don’t wait for them to die before you show them any love.The time is now.Recently,I talked about “showing love to the disabled”, so in order not to sound bias I have to inspire all those fighting all forms of sicknesses for them to know that we care for them.

Satan is the author of sickness and all forms of calamities so if you are on sick-bed,pray and have faith in God and he will heal you,though your Doctor has said your sickness is incureable.Never loose hope if you believe in God.

Know that with God all things are possible.Is it cancer,diabetes,bareness,stroke,arthritis etc.Don’t give up on God for you will surely  have spiritual healing,prepare yourself for God to heal you.

Falling sick in life is one of the most painful things we go through.Sickness has rendered people incapable to live life happily.All their happiness is gone.

Sometimes they feel worthless so I and you have to get close to them always,show them love and compassion for them to know that the world hasn’t forsook them.

How can you even show love to the sick or patient?.Actually,there are many ways we can put smiles on the faces of the sick or patients.Considering making the day of any patient;

Showing Love To The Sick Could Be Done In These Ways

1.You can remember them in your prayers always.Prayers are indirect help we give to the sick and it really works if you have faith in God.

2.You can buy that particular patient gifts to surprise him or her.Gifts might be in a form of flowers,food items,clothes,detergents,tapes,cards etc.Christmas is just around the corner so you can also think of many Christmas gifts like Christmas cards and other packages.

If you are able to do this to any sick person or patient you will make him or her forget about his sickness and feel happy or get some sense of belonging.

3.Check on them regularly to give them hope to get rid of solitude.Your presence alone will comfort them to feel happy.

4.You can take the cost of anyone’s medical bills,especially those whose sickness is severe to the extend of ending in the theater.If you can,take the huge cost of operation to show your love and compassion and God will bless you for that.

Many people have done this,and it is a heart-touching benevolence that we should inspire many people to do.A lot of sick people or patients are on hospital beds looking for a good Samaritan to show them some love and kindness.

Never let any patient in your life feel rejected.Sickness is not a friend of anyone,it can attack you any moment from now.Nobody want to get sick,because the feeling of sickness is very bad.But we are all vulnerable to sickness,even if simple cold or flu can make us uncomfortable, how much more serious sicknesses and other chronic diseases.

Life seems unfair to everyone fighting chronic diseases so let us show them some love and compassion,Little things like this is what makes life beautiful.

Did you find this article helpful?. If Yes, then why not share to put smiles on anyone battling any form of sickness.You can also share your thoughts through the comment box below.

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