Dreams Come True – Part I

Do you have a dream?.Life is full of challenges and so everyone must have dreams to unlock every door shut in his/her life. Dreams have to be our highest lofty aims for a successful  future.

Dreams Come True In Life
Dreams Come True In Life

When we talk about dreams in life, it either refers to setting up lofty aims for a better future or the kind of dream which happens to be illusional  scenes that comes into our lives whiles asleep.They are sometimes so vivid that you might think it is real.It is only when you wake up that you will know it is unreal, but that very unreal dream could become real.It is often associated with the spiritual realm.It has meanings that affects our physical lives.Both of these dreams come true, depending on certain factors.

In this very post,I will talk about dreams as goals in life and talk about dreams that appears to us when we are asleep later in part 2.Anyways here is what you should know about dreams pertaining to the spiritual realm.It is a plausible idea for everyone to have dreams and work toward it.When we talk about dreams we must remember the sayings of Martin Luther King Junior, he said “I have a dream”.Yes he was having a dream, a dream for future liberation from oppression. Every one has to dream for a better future, dream big as the ocean and work tirelessly to achieve it.If your dreams are not scaring you enough,it means you are not dreaming big.

A life without dreams or vision is useless,but I believe everyone reading this post has dreams. And as you dream to achieve something, set the day,month, year you want to achieve your goal or let your dreams come true. It might be your dream to marry  next year,buy a car next year,get your master’s degree and so on and so forth. dream and work toward it and surely your dreams will materialize. If your dream fails as planned, never give up,keep on dreaming big and your perseverance will help you see your dreams come true.

There is nothing sweeter than dreaming big and seeing it come true right in front of your eyes. I know you have a dream just like what Martin Luther King said. If you have future dreams and you become reluctant to work toward it,it will never materialise.In that case that wouldn’t be a dream but instead, a fantasy. Work hard and see your dreams come true. This is a piece of inspiration for you today. Watch out for dreams come true part 2.

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