How Your  Dress Code Defines Your Character

Your dressing has a lot to say about you to people, and the kind of that message can’t me misinterpreted; it is obvious, so everyone should mind  his/her dressing.

How your dress code defines you and your your character in life
Time to know how your dress code defines you and your character in life

Today is about learning how your dress code defines you and your life or character.When we are born into this world,our parents or families first groom us,they teach us how to dress properly in the house,school,church before we even grow. The family has always being the immediate environment to imbibe moral principles or good manners into us.

Here is where character formation or lifestyle begins.The school then polishes the way we should dress and sets us into the life of jobs and social integration.

There are many ways one can dress to attend different occasions and every dress code sends messages to people about you.Whether you like casual clothes or fashionable clothes it depends on how you wear it to send a particular message to those around you.

The total appealing appearance of your personality speaks louder to people about you than your own self.People believe,the first thing to notice about someone’s personality or character is the kind of shoes that very person would be wearing.

Actually,to embrace yourself with how your dress code defines you, I recommend reading my post on “How to look awesome(3 Tips You Should Never Miss)“.

The Effects Of Your Dress Code On Your Character

In life,when you apply for jobs and you are called for interviews, your dress code also has a lot of influences on you.It sends indirect message about your personality and the level of your professionalism to the interviewer.

If you dress shabbily, you will likely lose a job that you quality 100%.Your personal grooming can’t be ignored in life. We see many people around us,some look fashionable, some look very casual and some too are indecent. The kind of dress code sends all these kinds of messages to people.

For a Christian, you are always expected to refrain from worldly dressing,instead dress modestly, as the Bible says your beauty shouldn’t come from outside but instead it should come from within you.The bible actually covers all the aspects of life,it has good moral lessons for everyone,even those who are not Christians.

God sees the beauty in you and becomes much pleased with you.Don’t dress heavily like a harlot or a prostitute to draw attention,don’t idolize your jewelries nor your expensive clothes nor fragrance. Let your beauty come from within and look very simple with your dressing code.Don’t look too hard on yourself looking for expensive clothes even if you can’t afford.

I don’t mean you should not wear expensive clothes. What I’m saying here is; as a Christian you should not let the beauties of life distract you from God.Don’t let it overshadow the love you have for God.The carnally minded is always chasing world pleasures and the beauties in life.As a Christian you don’t have ti act like them.

The Choice Of Dress Code Is Always Yours

Dressing in a particular way is a choice, so if you find someone looking trendy always and that is not your preference, don’t feel outmoded, maybe you love to be casual or simple just like me,that is your preference so keep it up.But make sure you look decent always.

Your lifestyle or dressing speaks a lot about you.Don’t fight to get expensive clothes or jewelries to impress anyone my friend; life is not a competition so live it simple and you will always be happy with yourself, your friends,families, coworkers and everyone who gets close to you will admire you.For we came to this world with our bare hands and surely we will go back to the dust with our bare hands.

All the expensive clothes and jewelries will be left behind. However, as you live you can enjoy the fruits of your labour but don’t forget your God,let your inner beauty be greater than your outer beauty. Understand me here that I don’t hate looking beautiful in expensive clothes.Christmas is just around the corner and I know many of you would be going on shopping.

Finally, know what kind of dressing best suits you and never imitate what others are adoring themselves with.Let your dressing always be decent to send good messages to people around you.Your dressing alone can give you great jobs and open great opportunities for you in life.Truly,your dress code defines your character so mind the way you dress.

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