A Mother's Love –  For Anyone Who Loves His/Her Mother

Every person on this earth has a mother who has shown him/her love beyond measure. The love intensifies when the mother sees her baby smile to her for the first time.

A mother's love
A mother’s love

Mothers have been the most immediate people we stay close to right from birth. Their love for their children is beyond measure. It is therefore necessary to remember and appreciate their love always, not only when it is mother’s day.Personally, I always feel the love of my mother both physically and spiritually. Spiritually, I mean her prayers for me never ceases. I believe everyone has one or two reasons to love his or her mother. I always say I respect all mothers;for the 9 month journey of holding a baby in the womb is not a joke.

I find it necessary to write about the perfect love mothers have for their children, even if you think your mother has been a bad woman for you,at least you owe her some respect for holding you in her womb for 9 solid months without aborting you.If there should be any love greater than anything apart from the love you should have for God,the next person should be your mother. Though I don’t know the kind of mother that raised you, but it is necessary to love her because she had done a lot for you.Giving  birth to you, breastfeeding you, cleaning you up when you get dirty and so on and so forth. Let me ask you;do you remember how you used to behave when you were a kid?.If you have forgotten then ask your Mum,she will tell you perfectly, she will make you reminisce some of your mischievous behaviours and surely you will know that you have been blessed to this day.Life has changed you into an amazing person and it is your Mum who has natured you till this day,so if I’m reminding you to appreciate the love and care your mum had shown you then it worths.

Since you have grown,you will notice that the love of your Mum is still strong, although there are exceptions, but if you have married now, can you say you love your Mum more than your spouse?. Many will find it difficult to say that,but for me I will always love my Mum beyond everyone because her love for me is genuine right from my infancy.

You can not remember a lot of things or love your Mum has shown you but I’m begging you get time and sit beside your Mum and ask her a lot of  questions about your childhood days,you will be awed by what she will tell you and right away you will find out that life is beautiful. You are growing and growing till you become old,weak and leave this planet.But before you or your Mum dies let your Mum know that you appreciate her and all the things she has done for you.There is only one Mum for each of us,as for friends, we have more than enough and we can even have more wives,husbands,children etc.They would always be plenty around us but for a mother, she is only one for you.There is an African proverb that says “when your mother dies then your family is gone”.This is true, because a mother is the backbone of every family.

If you have problems with your Mum,I believe it would be necessary to reconcile with her,because she has the feeling of bearing you for 9 months, the pains and suffering would still be in her memories. Don’t grieve her, for anything she says in a curse will materialize. Has your Mum pissed you off?,don’t worry keep on showing her love,but you can distant yourself from her and surely,she will like the love you have shown her and that will let her miss you. If its her fault she will apologise.Whatever the case might be, keep on showing her love anyway, because it takes less than a minute for  people we love to leave this planet. The beauty of life is to see someone and smile to.A smile is and indirect gift we give to people so keep on smiling to people,especially your Mum.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this piece of article  about mothers. Surely they deserve to be remembered always.And when its mother’s day,I will write about them again. Greetings to every mother Reading this post.

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