A lesson From The Story Of Samson To All Men

The story of Samson has many lessons for men of today who fall in love without taking caution.

The story of Samson
Time to know about the story of Samson:A fountain depicting the story of Samson

The story of Samson:
Today,the story of Samson and Delilah in the bible is so popular that even non-Christians have heard about it.It’s a story with great moral lesson for our today’s  marriage couples or anyone dating or anyone who falls in love.The Samson and Delilah movie has been around for several years and most of us watched it when we were young.The description of the tragedy of Samson was pathetic as his lover, Delilah betrayed him.

Most of us have only heard and known Samson as the strongest man ever to live on our planet. To me,the story of Samson is one of the greatest stories ever told.His lifestyle was so real and intriguing as the bible authenticates it in  judges chapter 14 to chapter 16.It all began when Children of Israel did evil against God which provoked him to give them to the Philistines to torture them for forty good years.

God then made his Angel appear unto Manoah’s wife to deliver a message that though she is barren but she will conceive and give birth to a baby boy(Samson).Manoah was Samson’s father,he prayed to God to send the angel down again to clarify things about the unborn child.Hold and behold God listened to his prayers, the angel came again in the form of man who didn’t become recognised enough to Manoah.The Angel gave them rules that would govern the child when he is born.He said the incoming son should stay away from wine and strong drinks,and anything that is unclean,and never to cut his hair.

The Birth And Rise Of Samson

Manoah’s wife gave birth to a baby boy and named him Samson.The Spirit of the Lord was on him,and when he grew up he found a beautiful woman who was a Philistine so he asked his father to help him marry him.

Here is actually the beginning of the downfall of Samson, “a woman”, a very poisonous one.But Samson’s father objected to his proposal because the woman he was talking about wasn’t an Israelite but from the enemies (Philistines).

Samson insisted,so his father and mother went along with him to see the special woman he has talked about. When they reached the vine-gardens of Timnah a lion rushed  him but the Spirit of the Lord filled him,giving him enough strength which enabled him to tear the lion’s jaws into two.

The story of Samson and his ability to tear the lion into two is a possible inspiration for many movies to show the strengths of their heros.Example is Wayne Johnson’s movie entitled “Hercules”.He did the same thing by killing a lion.Any warrior who is able to kill a lion becomes a royal hero.Anyway the best method is to kill that beast with bare hands and that is what exactly Samson did.At the very moment his parent weren’t even aware that he had killed a lion and he also didn’t tell them.

Now after seeing the woman of his heart,he took her home.Made,love,had fun together.Samson’s first love didn’t last long as his father thought he didn’t love her very much so he gave her to someone else(Samson’s friend) to marry her, recommending Samson to marry the sister of his wife who was much prettier and fairer than her.

It came to pass when the enemies of Samson ambushed him, the Spirit of the Lord came upon him and he was able to kill a thousand men with a jaw-bone of an ass.Where he killed these people became known as  Ramath – Lehi.

Samson went to a place called Gaza, and here he found his second love called Delilah.She was incited by the chiefs of Philistine to seduce Samson by all means necessary to know about the secret behind his strength. Delilah accepted to play that role so she began making enquiries by asking Samson about the secret of his strength. He lied to her several times but Delilah insisted with many tricks and finally she succeeded.Women are very powerful in terms of deceit  and Delilah being the greatest of man’s downfall aside Eve.In the name of love he brought down the strongest man ever to live.

“And she said to him,why do you say you are my lover, when your heart is not mine.Three times you have made sport of me and have not made  clear to me the secret of your strength”(Judges 16:15).

Here is what is known as the power of a woman,Samson was blind-folded by love and became vulnerable so destruction for the first time in his life.He revealed his secret and  by saying that if anyone cuts his hair  he will be like any ordinary man.She then sent a message to the Philistines; “….come up, for this time he has left all his heart to me….” (Judges 16:8).

The Tragedy In the Story Of Samson/His Downfall

The saddest part of the story of Samson begins here when he fell asleep by Delilah and the Philistines came to cut his hair.That very moment the Spirit of the Lord left him and so he became like a normal human being.Delilah was paid by the Chiefs of Philistine  for handling Samson to them.They chained him,plugged out his eyes, sent to Gaza for his death.

The Philistines then gave praise to their gods that they have handed over their greatest enemy to them.Samson  was imprisoned, tortured, ridiculed whiles he was in chains. He found himself in the lowest point of his life.With pains and anger he cursed the name “Delilah”  and up to date I haven’t heard any woman called Delilah and I don’t ever think any parent would name their daughter Delilah, for that name became an abomination when Delilah betrayed his love.

Samson  prayed and asked God for a last strength when he got grab of the two main pillars supporting the ceremonial ground of his execution,thanks to the almighty God.He listened to him.How a loving father he has been to his children. God is ever ready to listen to us when we call upon him.Samson pulled down the entire building by making payments of  the treatment they had given him and the bible records that he killed more people than the ones he had killed in his entire life.

Moral Lesson Of The Story of Samson And Delilah

Moral:The story of Samson tells us about how dangerous and unfaithful women can be.This has made the name “Delilah” an abomination and no woman would like that name but some of them are modern-day “Delilahs”.It is advisable for every woman who is like this to change.

Anytime people mention the name “Delilah”  the connotation and whatever follows is evil. Anytime a musician mentions the name “Delilah” in his songs then its about and evil love experience from a woman.Samson  said that name will be a curse on the lips of men and it  is true, judging from what we see now.

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