A Lesson From The Parable of The Compassionate Father(The Prodigal Son) – Luke 15:11 – 32

When anyone regrets in life it is advisable to learn from past mistakes like the prodigal son

The prodigal son and his compassionate father
The merciful father welcomes his son

The story of the prodigal son as told by Jesus in Luke 15:11-32 has a lesson for all of us, especially those who once refused to adhere to advice.Many of us heard this very parable or story at a younger age and the impression is heart-touching.

I do remember reading a well-printed book about the prodigal son with very good descriptive photographs. Yes!,you know kids like beautiful graphics in stories.This has left an unforgettable memories in my life so today I feel the need to share with you the moral lesson behind this parable.I therefore recommend the story book for you(The return of the prodigal son).Get it from AMAZON by Clicking on the cover image below:

Jesus Christ was actually iterating about how sinners could end up in heaven only “if” they repent.Before that he taught about the parable of the lost sheep and the coin.They all denote the same meaning.It is never too late to make amends for past mistakes just like the prodigal son who led a regretful life before he came to his senses.

Now here is the parable; It all happened when Jesus Christ was eating and drinking with sinners and tax collectors whiles he teaches them the gospel on how they can gain salvation but the Pharisees and other experts in the law backlash Jesus for dinning with sinners.These Pharisees were self-conceited and arrogant people.

They love themselves and their welfare only but Jesus used parables to prove to them how possible it is for a sinner to enter the kingdom of God.In this world,there are many people who have lived a regretful life and thinks that is the end of their world but when that very person read parables like this,he has to find it inspirational enough to correct past mistakes.

Jesus Tells The Parable Of The Prodigal Son

Jesus told the parable in this way; there lived a rich man with his two sons,the little one requested for his share of his father’s wealth to travel far away to enjoy life the way he wants and this compassionate father  divided his wealth between them.The little one set off with his part to a far distance.He misused the money on women and other pleasures of life.This parable  made me understand that money can make a fool of people by blind folding them from reality.Don’t be decieved, money is not everything.His money got finished and there was a great famine, finding it difficult to eat he sought for a job.His  job was to take care of pigs.Looking broke and hungry in life the prodigal son ate some of the husk fed to the pigs.Life was then teaching him a lesson by making him acknowledge his foolishness.Living a regretful life he said to himself “…how many of my father’s hired workers have food enough to spare,but here I am dying from hunger!.I will get up and go to my Father and say to him ” Father,I have sinned against heaven and against you” (Luke 15:17-18).

He was feeling ashamed of his life and decided to go home at all cost because he has become an outcast.There is a popular saying that goes like “home sweet home”.He thought in his mind that when he reaches home he deserves the kind of level and treatment of his father’s hired workers.

While he neared home his father saw him at a distance and his heart was felt with joy so he run to his son hugged and kissed him.This son said to his father that he doesn’t deserves “a son” for he has sinned against heaven and his father.

With such a remorseful feeling he was simply ashamed of himself for making such a big mistake in life.But his father never felt annoyed for his son’s failure.Instead he requested his son be dressed nicely by his slaves.They put a ring on his finger and changed his sandals.

The whole house rejoiced with music and celebration because this compassionate father made his slaves kill the fattened cow for the prodigal son.As the celebration went on the elder son returned from work in the field,he heard the celebration and called one of the slaves asking him what was going on and the slave told him “your brother has returned and your father has killed the fattened cow because he got his prodigal son back and safe”.I believe this news would angry anyone else because it doesn’t sound good and it never sounded good to the elder brother so he became angry and so he refused to go in

But this compassionate father appealed to him to understand that his little brother who had lived a regrettable life has come home safely.The elder brother lamented that he had been obedient all years working like a slave but his father never sacrificed even a little cow for him.

He didn’t appreciate “finding something precious that once got lost”.The merciful  father made him understand that everything he owns belong to him,he had been with his father always and as an elder son he is the first and direct heir to his father.

Today,many people take the wrong paths and upon regretting they feel too ashamed and pompous to accept their failure so with guilty conscience they try to move ahead in the same  wrong path which is very dangerous.

The end point would be and end to his life and salvation as well.It is never too late to go “home” and reconcile with yourself and everyone you have offended just like what the prodigal son did.How on earth would anyone find true happiness when you move around with guilty conscience?,lest you clear it out of your mind by taking the proper steps.Anyone who becomes arrogant to accept mistakes and make amends fools himself to his early grave.

Moral Lesson From The Prodigal Son

Life offers us with many choices and since we are all fallible, it is unwise to adjudge or condemn  anyone who deviates in life and if you adjudge let it be constructive enough to put the person on his toes.His deviation is  temporal and so  finding solace in life is very high. Jesus made it clear that the kingdom of God  is possible for everyone including sinners or those who have deviated in life.

It is always possible until the person in  question dies without repentance. In view of this I prefer and would recommend every believer to pray for all those who have deviated in life for world pleasures like the “prodigal son” and surely God and his angels would rejoice when the lost one repents.

As I end this article,I would like to tell everyone that there are rewards for every good thing you are doing even if you don’t see it now like the elder brother of the prodigal son there is no need of lamenting for you reward and blessings would come from above even when you die you would still have your reward awaiting for you.

On the other hand parents or elders in our communities should show compassion like the merciful father of the prodigal son because to “err is human” and no one is perfect except God.Forgive any sins committed against you by your children or anyone at all.With that,God will open the floodgate of heaven and bless you abundantly with more riches,strength and long life.It cost nothing to forgive.Amen.

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