Have You Ever Thought Of Knowing About The Sweetest Or The Happiest Thing In life?

The happiest thing in life is what almost everyone is searching for.Read this article to find out the truth behind

The sweetest and the happiest thing in life
Happy life

Have you ever thought of finding about the happiest thing on earth?.I have, and in this article I will share with you.There are many assumptions about what is the only thing that uniquely make one puts a big smile on his face.Imagine I ask you “what is the sweetest thing on earth?.”Now I got you contemplating and I know exactly  what is running in your mind.

Before I show the sweetest thing on earth, be honest with me; did you get a dirty mind toward that question?.At least 2/3 of my readers will get dirty first.I have been fascinated on several occasions by asking friends this very interesting question and their answers are funny enough to make you laugh to crack your ribs.

The Most Popular But Wrong Answer For The ‘Happiest Thing In Life’

With the first and most given answer from my friends is “Sex“.Yeah,I knew these guys will say sex as the greatest answer to my controversial question “what is the sweetest thing on earth?”.But I will say to them that is wrong!.Yes sex is not the sweetest thing on earth nor the happiest thing on earth.

Sex might be the sweetest thing ever,but from my point of view it is not sex as many think.It takes two different people before sex becomes possible.And this actually last for few minutes.The next answers from friends are most equally the same as sex.

After telling my lovely friends that sex is not the sweetest thing, I make them look so confused and curious about what I believe it is the sweetest thing.Yes,I can see you are also anxious.

Could Sugar Be The Sweetest Or The Happiest Thing In Life?

The second most answers I get is “sugar“.Oh no sugar is not the answer.Sugar indeed is sweet and has the abilities to make food,tea,porridge, and other food items sweet.It is therefore the essence in which sweetness evolves but the situation here is not satisfied by sugar.

Life is a whole complex network made up of different ideologies,preferences,beliefs,feelings and its kind of social gratifications.We all like sugar but when sugar becomes too much in our bodies the effect is very destructive.You may fall prey to the chronic disease called diabetes.And in this case I don’t think the sweetest or happiest thing on earth would be harmful when consumed in greater quantities.So sugar too is not the answer I am looking for.

After marking sugar wrong, my friends normally seem short of answers.Contemplating and staring at me with big question marks on their faces make me smile.

This is actually a riddle time and I knew if I even put thousands of dollars on,no one will get it right.I guess as you read my post you are thinking of what the right answer might be. But before I say the answer I would like to keep on sharing with you some of the funny and interesting answers I have from my friends.


Quickly from sugar they change the answer to “honey“.Oh uh, that is also wrong.Sugar and honey almost have the same qualities despite that honey has some qualities of medicinal purposes.Honey is sweet but not the sweetest thing on earth.

Is Money The Sweetest Or The Happiest Thing In Life?

Another interesting answer I usually get is ”money and wealth“.Money and wealth, really?.I don’t think so and that is not the answer either.

Many people on earth together believe owning huge amount of money and wealth is the happiest thing or sweetest thing in life but in  this very article, it is never true.

Money has the abilities to buy almost everything except life.But money is not everything.If you are filthy rich and you are on sick-bed dying, your money has zero chance of making you happy.

A rich man’s wealth or money can’t save him from death and neither can it save any of his families or friends from death.If  it takes money and wealth  for a happy life it would mean millions of people in this world would never be happy or feel the sweetest thing in life.

I want anyone reading this post to know that, money is hard to get and we live in a world where the number of people living beneath the expenditure of normal standard of living is higher.Poor people far outweigh the number of rich men in our various communities,cities and countries.

If it should take money for people to have a taste of the sweetest things in life then millions wouldn’t have any taste of the sweetness in life or throughout the rest of their natural lives.So if your answer is money and wealth then you are wrong.The most happiest thing in life shouldn’t be expensive.

Now,we draw closer to the right answer to “what is the sweetest thing in life? or what is the happiest thing in life?“.It shouldn’t surprise you to know it takes little things to taste the sweetest thing in life.

Many people,including my friends never doubted nor argued when I revealed the answer to them.I know you feel itchy for this golden answer I have held for long but before I tell you in the next paragraph let me share a piece of advise with you.Sometimes people try to find the best way of being happy in life,they could search everywhere on this earth but would never be able to find it.They then become gullible to unscrupulous men making them fall into temptations that will derail them from life.

Do not be deceived,the happiest thing in life is not money as many people think.Some have died chasing money even at places where they are not supposed to go.There is a local African proverb that says “if you search through the eyes of corpse you see maggots”.There is noting better there.

If the happiest thing in life is not sugar,honey,sex nor money and wealth then it is what and I have held for so long?.Now, listen attentively,the very thing we search for at far distances are always within our reach and just under our noses.

After considering many factors in life I found out that the happiest thing in life or the sweetest thing in life is when your wish or your dreams come true at any moment in your life and surely that dream materializes.

I would be happy to know your reaction in the comment box below.I need to explain this a little further.In life we set many goals to meet,we dream to see it come true and sometimes we even doubt how our dreams become feasible.

Practical Examples That Prove The Happiest Thing In Life

Imagine you have written applications for employment on several occasions but finally you had a call; “Mr./Mrs…. you are to start working with us from Monday….” and that call came after you had lost hope.

Can you imagine the ecstasy of joy that will overwhelm you?.Could a moment like this not be the sweetest thing in life?.Again, someone could wish for something he is passionate about by giving out his full support.Example is wishing your football team wins a particular match and surely that wish comes true.I believe you would be very happy.

And then again lets take it like you want to have something that you really need but in all your life you can’t afford but all of a sudden someone gifts you with that very thing you have been in need of.Noting is sweeter than this.I believe you understand my point of view now.There are many forms that become the sweetest or the happiest thing in someone’s life and that leaves a kind of unforgettable memories.

What could be sweeter in life than a woman accepting your proposal after a very long time, testing your patience and genuiness?.You might lost yourself in the process of celebration before it becomes possible to have the actual date together.

In a situation where,you think finding the sweetest thing in life is hard for you, just do anything that puts smile on your face but make sure you challenge your self to the highest level.Example is playing games you like and breaking new grounds to reach the highest level.You will realise anytime you break a new ground to reach a new level that feeling becomes your happiest moment.

For my fellow Christians,with an idea of finding joy in God there is noting sweeter than that to have your dreams come true.It could be in the form of an answered prayer.For example,let us assume that you  a barren woman and have tried every means necessary to conceive but it has all proved futile but your faith in God and your persistence in prayer  made your request  answered as you had wanted, and you finally become pregnant.How would you feel?,could that not be the sweetest thing in your life.

I actually want everyone to know that the sweetest thing in life could take in any form that fulfills your dreams or goals and it is not limited to any particular trend.It is all about seeing something go according to your plan or wish.There are many more examples to think of and all these moments put smiles on your face leaving everlasting and sweet memories in your entire life.

Considering the other side of the coin,the sweetest or the happiest thing in life could be the “destructive” part of a goal or wish for someone.Here is something important I want everyone to take note of what I detest very much in life.

There are certain people in life who rejoice over the downfall of their friends or other people and surely that would be the sweetest thing in their lives because that very person has his wish fufilled.There are a lot of destructive approaches people use to taste the sweetness of life and it could be assassination,false witness,lies and any form of sabotage.Here,when we take a good look in a broader perspective we could see that all the above major points I raised that many people and my friends believe is the sweetest thing in life (sugar,honey,sex,money and wealth) will come under the answer being “fulfilment of goals or wishes”. Some people do evil in a way that make them happy and they are exceptional.I dislike them anyway.

Life is amazing in many ways and the poorest person on earth at some point in his life tastes the sweetest thing in life.It could be an appreciation alms given to him by a stranger,finding,cramps of food or a shelter etc.There is another thing I want everyone to take note of, and that is when you lose,someone else also gains and when you gain, someone else somewhere also loose.

A clear example is someone who has lost his money,he shall surely feel bitter and on the other hand the person who finds the lost money would surely be happy and that could be the happiest thing in his life.So I personally don’t like to complain about lost items or opportunities because as a Christian I believe everything happens for a reason.Now the question is finally answered, do you have any comments,feedbacks or contributions?

Feel free to drop them in the comment box and don’t forget to share this article with friends.DREAM BIG!.

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