Know How To End The Fear Of Falling In Life

In  this world  fear haunts many people who are afraid of falling in life.This article addresses it all.

Fear of falling in life

First and foremost, my sincere apologies to readers and suscribers.I intend to use the said domain to  share my passion about life just to inspire everyone, especially those who become fed up in life easily.I believe by reading my inspirational messages and stories you will be putting smiles on your face always. You can keep on following  my blog or stop  as it is in your own interest.However, this is my first post since I decided  to publish on a different niche.

Sometimes people ask me “do you get afraid in life?”.And my answer is simply “No”.My answer  certainly seems strange but it is something unique that defines me and I believe sharing it with my readers would help put a lot of people on their toes and after everything you thank me later. Hope I can see you smiling and looking curious.Being afraid hasn’t been part of my life for several years now and honestly speaking, it has helped me a lot.One major secret is my believe in God.

As a christian, I have shown much interest to research to know about God’s salvation plan for me and reading the bible has a lot of inspiring messages for me and every believer. You can try reading the books of psalms, ecclesiastics and proverbs and you would find out my secret.Being afraid of life hasn’t been my thing.

Failure is good for everyone and I will explain this in a different paragraph.These books I have mentioned above inspires me a lot.King David and his son Solomon who is the wisest man ever to live wrote those books.Yes!,Solomon happens to be the wisest man ever to live.He saw and felt all the pleasures on earth and so his messages are what kills every doubt in me. Indeed,I will iterate that fear does not exist but danger is what exist in our lives. Why am I saying this?.

Fear is full of allusions and it cripples your inner spirits maybe you have faced a lot of challenges  but today I want to tell you that you should never be afraid of falling in life.It is just an illusion and I believe you will side with me on that.

As a christian, I never become afraid of the most terrible thing on earth which is “death”.So if I am not afraid of death then why should I be afraid of anything illusional?.The spirit that lives in me belongs to God,he opens and no one shuts,he shuts and no one opens. He is my protector and so he is the only one I am afraid of.Since he is with me always I feel highly spirited,  “even though I walk through the valleys of shadows of death I shall fear no evil for you are with me”(…psalms 23).

Now let me tell you something about “danger” as well.Personally, I believe danger is real but the greatest antidote to danger is self precaution.Example is someone who works at the mines, you know there are  too many occupational hazards and you refuse to wear safety boots,helmets and gloves. Meanwhile  you are aware of the realities of being injured,some injuries are even fatal to result in deaths. The same thing applies to someone who is a scientist and works in his laboratory without gloves and other protective materials.

Again,lets consider someone who sees road signs on his way and refuses to adhere to the warning.The probability of you being endangered is awfully high and bad.There are more examples to cite but I will stick with the three. So am I then trying to tell you not to find yourself being afraid of danger?.My answer is still  “no”.There is no good reason for being afraid in life.

Danger is something we are all aware of and so there are preventive or protective measures to keep us safe.Life in general is unpredictable, but if you are not afraid of death like me you would always smile to your grave because as a christian I believe I am just a traveler on earth and there is an everlasting place somewhere for me after my passage to the next world.Soldiers for instance are always not afraid of death as I once asked a friend of mine who is a member of the US Navy.”Have you ever been afraid of death?”.He answered me “never”.

In his explanation he said he is always ready to fight and so death has never scared him but his mum says he sounds crazy.I asked him about his religion or spirituality and he told me  being a Navy officer  in America not allowed to show religious  tendencies as that would likely undermine your concentration to battle or dedicated yourself to the Navy service.Thumps up for anyone who is not afraid of death or failure because that is one good way carry out your goals without being bogged down by fears or any form of intimidation.

Life is full of challenges and surely you have to face it,whether you are ready or not there is no “No option” for you.You only have “Yes” as an option because the moment you choose “no” that means you are ready to enter your  graveyard and even that you would suffer before you take your last breath. Your suffering could be emotional,spiritual or mental.

The reason I am saying this is; the moment you choose “no” then you have allowed anything evil to consume you.The bible has stated that the hand that refuses to work shouldn’t eat anything.This sounds more proverbial but  it is very understandable. If you can challenge yourself for something better why not go ahead?.No one is born perfect.

A genius like Albert Einstein  wasn’t a perfect man as he said “anyone who hasn’t failed before has never tried anything new”.

There are countless benefits in failure that are helpful in building a successful life.Don’t be surprised at my saying because I will expatiate this for everyone’s basic understand.When I was in primary I learnt a poem entitled “Try again”, and I do remember certain important stanzas like this;

Try again

This is a lesson you should heed

Try again

If at first you don’t succeed

Try again

Then your courage should appear

If you persevere you will conquer

Never fear

Try again

I wish I could remember all because it is such a great poem to light up the “can do spirit” in everyone.I will simply Laugh it off if anyone tells me he is afraid of life or afraid of falling in life.I am naturally an optimist and I like to share my passion with people around me especially those who are down-hearted.

Now, let us consider someone like Helen  Keller,I got to know about her  in my childhood days when reading from the library.Honestly she has been  one of my favourite mentors.Maybe you will ask “who is Helen Keller?”. Helen Keller was born in Alabama in the United  States,when she was about One and half years old she contracted a very rare disease making her blind and deaf.

Despite her disabilities she was able to attend college,became an activist for deaf people and women’s rights. She is known as the pioneer of some of the deaf sign languages we know today. She could listen  to music by feeling the beat, she could feel her environment through touching as part of her leisure hours.

Helen Keller was able to write her own books and some of them are “The Story of My Life” and her autobiography “My religion”.She traveled to more than 20 countries delivering her inspirational messages.America has celebrated his legacies annually. She was a lecturer, political activist and an author. She wasn’t limited by her disabilities. Now,do you still have reasons for being afraid of life?.I don’t think so,I guess.

Life is always challenging and so you have no choice but  to face it. Life isn’t for sissies,so to arise above your problems you shouldn’t give up, just be persistent.I would like to iterate the fact of failure being a good source of success, unless you give up on your lofty dreams.One secret thing I have known is that, when you fail at something; it could be exams,job,or a kind of project you are aspiring to accomplish.

If you fail you have to keep trying before you finally make it.But it would be unwise to make use of the same approach you used that made you fail,change the methods.

This lesson is similar to how the eagle is always a winner in terms of flying successfully and avoiding setbacks.Whiles all other birds fly beyond the clouds and get soaked with rains,the eagle flies beyond the clouds to avoid the rains and that is interesting.

Again, the eagle is wise enough to change the battle ground when fighting with dangerous animals like snakes.The snake is vulnerable in the air so the eagle takes it into the sky to defeat it.Should in case the story of Helen Keller didn’t inspire you much,I would like us to consider the life of Thomas Edison, the man who invented the light bulb.

He encountered a number of challenges but he never gave up.He was fired from his two early jobs, and then again his teacher degraded him using  derogatory words on him saying, he was nothing good, in quote “too stupid to learn anything“.

Despite all of this he was able to make something better out of his life.He used 1,000 different  materials before he was able to invent the light bulb.I reapeat 1,000 different materials.

Now,you see how it is good to taste failure. Edison then said he never failed but he found 1,000 ways that didn’t work. If he had been afraid of failing or falling in life he wouldn’t have been able to meet his lofty aim but perseverance is what made him successful. Yes!, you too can make it and I will always laugh it off if you keep on telling me you are afraid of life or failure. Fail and learn your lessons and you will surely make it through.

A friend of mine,Kev Rice(resident in United Kingdom) shared some of his life experiences with me and he felt like there was noting to keep secret from me even before we became good friends.

His challenges became  a huge burden on him and after knowing his pains,I simply encouraged and prayed for him.We could spend hours at late night chatting on “Whatsapp”  sharing life lessons together. He once asked me “So if the devil whispers to you that you are afraid of the storm would you say you are the storm?”.

Before that I had sent him a picture message about not being afraid of life,nor the storm.His question made me smile and with my usual answer “I am the storm”. Kev made too many mistakes in life,he is a professional plumber, and karate was his favourite sport .He ascended to the highest rank in the karate hierarchy.He was inspired by the lifestyle of Bruce Lee,I like Bruce Lee as well so we happened to share that kind of interest together, but being consumed by the world he finally lost the sense of life after gambling and involving himself in cocaine intake.

At the end he ended up being incarcerated for a couple of weeks over one misunderstanding between him and his brother.He kicked on the ribs of his bother out of anger.The brother got fatally injured from broken ribs, he died and. Manslaughter was his charge.His father also died out of grief and his incorrigible life.His life actually became miserable, loosing a lot of money and facing the side effect of cocaine intake plus some complicated disease. He went to the rehab and things became a little better for him.I really like him because he was remorseful and accepted all the consequences and the repercussions of his inactions.

We have lost contact for about a year now and I am using this medium to send him my greetings and should if he finds himself reading this article I know he will get in touch and if any of my readers know him please let me know.Kev is a tattoo nerd as well as.He has  tattoos on several parts of his body depicting his lifestyle, and every tattoo has its own meaning.I remember asking him ” If you I tell you to stop tattooing for the sake of God would you”?.He responded ” why not?”.He was ready for salvation because life has really taught him a lesson that he will never ever do such mistakes again.

Looking around this global world I could see  a lot of people who are fighting against depression and fear of failure. Depression alone is known to kill a lot of people so it is not anything we should take lightly. I believe with my passion of  inspiring people it would be good to create a blog like this to help someone from being haunted by fear of failure or fear of falling in life.

Honestly speaking it is hard to overcome  a constant obstruction in life but bear in mind that quitters never win and winners never lose. Just before I end this article how would you feel if you write a whole article ready for publication and all of a sudden you loose  all or half of it without any good reason?.That would be painful right?. Yes,this is what happened to me when I got done with this very article.

It was about 2000 words and I lost half of it, I tried to recover it by clicking on the undo button but to no avail. Now I can see you want to ask how I felt. To be honest I got annoyed and disappointed with a sharp pain  in my heart. But I realised that had already happened and just for the next minute I smiled and nodded my head in anticipation.

I hate complaining because I believed someone somewhere has lost much more longer and rich article better than mine.It would be unwise to sit down grieving over this or put your hands in your lap.What I did next is to rewrite all the lost part of this article. With a different approach I decided to duplicate it in my mailbox till I finally publish it.I also compensated myself by writing more than the first one.This article really tested my ability of not being afraid of life or failure.

Lastly, should you hear that I am dead, there is no need of being sad because I have always been smiling to my grave.But don’t be selfish,just share this article to encourage someone today.Let somebody know that being afraid of falling in life is not an option anyone should accept.I welcome your comments,contributions and feedbacks.

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